Pig Farm Business Plan

Therefore you should construct a pen that is able to withstand their strength.Since pig are known for wallowing in water because it keeps them cool, you should provide a pool for your pigs in their respective pens.Other factors to consider when purchasing a pig are: Feeding Your Pigs Pigs are animals that are designed to eat just about any food that humans eat. But since you are breeding them for commercial purposes, it is important that you find them the right diet so that they will turn out fat and healthy.

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Pigs a very healthy eaters so you should keep their feed well out of their reach otherwise, they will finish 1 month’s food in a day.

Ask any pig farmer and he will tell you what to feed your livestock with.

This is because a sow (female pig) can give birth to up to 10-15 piglets (baby pigs) at a time and can give birth twice in a year.

Just imagine starting your business with 10 sows and 4 Boars (male pigs).

To keep the pool clean, install a drainage system to get rid of the stagnate water Choose Piglets to Raise The local breed in Nigeria is being overtaken by a crossbreed of exotic and local breeds.

This is a good thing because crossbred pigs grow faster, consume more feed and are generally healthier.Whatever be the size of your farm, you will need good and efficient information on how to start your own pig farm in Nigeria and manage it.Here are factors that you must consider when starting a pig farming business: Write a Pig Farming Business Plan Before you can venture into any business you have to draw up a plan of action and where you you’re your business to be in the near future. You will need to sit down and put to paper how much starting a pig farm is going to cost you.Find Location Land is very essential to starting any livestock business.You will have to find a location where you will build your pig pen.Imagine that you can buy 5 piglets for N5000 and after 24 weeks of feeding them to maturity, you sell them at N60000 or more. Furthermore, pig meat is in high demand in the Nigerian market. Reasons being that they can eat any edible food you feed them.They can be raised in controlled or free environment, as a small or large business operation.Bear in mind that pigs grow and reproduce very fast so you should may need to expand sometime soon.Build Your Pig Pens Generally pigs grow to be strong and rough animals.However, you should employ the services of a veterinary doctor to plan out the deworming and vaccination schedule for your pigs.Make Your Money Going by the illustration we previously gave, let’s say you started your piggery with 10 female pigs.


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