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Deloria lit the fi I read this when I was about 16 and it changed my life.I was raised by civil rights activists, and my dad was born on an Indian reservation in the Midwest (he is not Indian) so I had some sort of context for what Deloria was talking about...where my dad grew up he said the word "Indian" was like the N word in the south... The pre-contact period is easier to manage than the modern history Deloria recounts...

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Playing N Deloria Essay Cultural Anthropology Masters Thesis

Waterlily is “about a girl who lived a century ago, in a remote camp-circle of the Teton Dakotas [Lakotas].”(Deloria vi). They are some of the finest authors who have written and published in this country; and, all are noted scholars and storytellers of the Native American experience. But you should probably head to your nearest library and check out one of their books.While some may think that another culture is sexist, or dem... I picture Dakota women as strong and honorable women, not as women who were treated unjustly and as an inferior human. "Gender and Historical Archaeology: Eastern Dakota Patterns in the 19th Century." Society for Historical Archaeology 25.4 (1991): 17-32. One of the largest themes that is seen throughout Dakota culture is honor. Everything they did revolved around honor, what it would bring to themselves or their families. Honor above all else was to be protected and respected. Up until researching for this paper, I though that the two terms were interchangeable in meaning, rather, they are separate ideas that are connected. Whelan, a Doctor of Anthropology focusing on gender studies, sex and gender are different.She states, “Western conflation of sex and gender can lead to the impression that biology, and not culture, is responsible for defining gender roles. She continues with, “Gender, like kinship, does have a biological referent, but beyond a universal recognition of male and female "packages," different cultures have chosen to associate very different behaviors, interactions, and statuses with men and women. Otherwise my mind would explode from the sheer fact that if I read all of them I would probably be an expert in the field of Native American Studies.That being said; among all the shifting, shelving, sorting, catalog searching, and more shifting, I received what I would call a crash course in Native American Literature.


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