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Political Party Essay-61
In a country there can be single as well as multiple political party system. These are the heaviest political weight, along with pressure groups and their role, importance and significance can in no way be under-estimated.

At the national level some parties are secular and without any ideological commitment e.g., Indian National Congress, including Congress (I), Janata Dal, Janata Party, etc.

Then at the national level are ideologically committed rightist and leftist parties.

On the other hand a regional party is ooe which has its hold in a particular region.

The activities of a local party are confined to a particular area and does not spread beyond that.

The days of communal parties in India are almost over because under the new rules each political party is to amend its Constitution in such a way as to, provide that it believes in secularism, socialism and in the unity and integrity of the country.

Only after the party accepts these basic conditions that the Election Commission will register it for contesting elections, and not otherwise. For our discussion, a political party means to be a group of persons who have common ideology, follow a common programme and common line of action. On the other hand multi-party system is one in which there is more than one political party, each having its programme of action as well as method of achieving the goals which it has set before itself.Then there are political parties which have their influence in a particular area e.g., Jharkhand party, Manipur People’s Party, Naga National Convention, Sikkim Sangram Parishad.Then come adhoc and fringe parties in which are covered parties like Ram Rajya Parishad, All India Bhartiya Jan Sangh, Congress (O) and Hindu Mahasabha.A good political party is supposed to have national policies and programmes and tries to meet requirements of all sections of society without any reservations.But most important thing about a political party is that it should adopt only constitutional means and methods for achieving its objectives.In India a national party means a political party which has the support of 4% of the electorate in any four states.It has organisational set which spreads in many parts of the country.Communal Regional parties include Akali Dal, Indian Union Muslim League, etc.Non-communal regional parties include Peasants and Workers Party, Maharashtra Gomantak Party, Forward Bloc etc.


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