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He did so by, as far as I understand the constitution, violating both the letter and spirit of the 19 Amendment.Some others were political sycophants who saw a great chance in a President who has a not-so-strong understanding of the intricacies of constitutional law, in order to promote their own political self-interests.Democracy is after all a government by the moderates who would exercise political power, being aware of, and faithful to, its inherent limits.

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In his explanation of why he removed Ranil Wickremesinghe from the office of Prime Minister, President Maithripala Sirisena cited policy and personal differences between the two.

An analysis of his speech shows that personal reasons are stronger than policy reasons and the personal is very much political. In this note, I will try to show how, after October 26, the and devastatingly personal for me. Although I am not a superstitious person, I look back at that rainy, gloomy Friday as the day I felt personally betrayed too. Maithripala Sirisena as a symbol of political hope for the citizens of this country, and particularly for the younger generation.

When I talked to the former GA across the lunch table, Mr. In his public persona, I saw him as a mild mannered, gentle, and restrained individual with no ruthless political ambitions.

Based on that judgment which now appears to me naive, I reached a political conclusion: To personify the hopes and aspirations of democratic revival in Sri Lanka, we needed a man or woman of gentle and kind disposition with moderate temperament who would not have the inner capacity to become a hardline ruler.

We also knew that both leaders were not adequately sensitive to the popular mandate that brought them in to power in 2015.

We also learned that our President and Prime Minister were amateurish in their political management of conflicts that occurred within the coalition government.

Somewhere towards the end of November 2014, two young vegetable sellers in rural Neluwa, Hiniduma, articulated to me in simple language the hope that I too had shared: “Who else can we trust except Maithri?

’ And Maithri was willing to take tremendous personal risks.

Le de Humboldt appelle à une compréhension plus complète des indigènes Mexicains, incluant leur histoire, leur culture et leur situation vis-à-vis des changements dans leur environnement et dans la nature du lien politique entre eux-mêmes et le gouvernement colonial en Nouvelle Espagne (le Mexique et les Etats-Unis du sud-ouest en ce temps-là).

(1811), this paper looks at how Alexander von Humboldt presents his political attitudes toward the Indigenous peoples throughout his statistical and demographic descriptions of the land, the flora (including cultivated crops) and the people.


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