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We call those bad boys “supplemental essays.” While most of these essays are required, it’s a good idea to plan to submit those “optional” essays when given the chance, too.

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I TA'd for AP Chem, and 110 NHS tutoring hours. Essays: Pretty good, modified my Yale ones that got me in EA and added some bits about Pomona faculty and resources to personalize them Hooks: none, White male, East Coast Msc: Missed the Pomona interview deadline to request an interview. Hooks: Attended fly in, knows AOs, southern underrepresented Asian GPA: 4.0 W, 3.55 UW.1370 SAT. EC's: Arts Prefect, senior member/lead trombone player of school jazz band, former member of semi-professional jazz band, shortsop/pitcher rep baseball, debating (1 first place, i second place finishes in provincial competitions, top 20 finish national qualifying tourney), model UN / model parliament, right to play, ski racing (2 gold medals 1 silver medal), History Bowl, outdoor education leader (essentially lead young kids on camping trips), student leader/head student organizer Right to Health Youth Forum (provincial conference educating Ontario youth on Indigenous Health Issues), volunteered on campaign for Jagmeet Singh (canadian politician).

(RIP.)Class Rank: 95/881Essay: Wrote about being blind in one eye. Essays: felt pretty good about them Hooks: none MY FRIEND GOT ACCEPTED!!!!

Colleges & universities are sharing their supplemental essay prompts early for the 2019 - 2020 school year.

Learn everything you need to know about the college application process with College Essay Guy." to that big 650 word Common App personal statement.

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Leave a comment with a link to the school’s website below!ECs: Assistant teacher for two years, for three science classes. International student, Venezuelan but had to leave to Central America, seeking hella financial aid Major: Economics1410 SAT4.0 GPAAwesome essays about her life as an immigrant and her family's story Basketball team captain, first clarinet in band, hella community service, some other stuffdecision: accepted!!academics: 3.84 UW, 4.8 W, 32 ACT (essay: 10), SAT II 700 (lit) and 640 (ush, oof i know i studied for two weeks)class rank: 3/167essay: i applied through questbridge early decision but both my common app and bio essay for qb were the same.i wrote a slam poem about how being asian-american has affected my life.the other essay was about my community so i talked about the lessons i've learned from going to an arts school.To stay organized, copy and paste all of the topics you'll be required to answer into a big spreadsheet so that you can see everything in one place and brainstorm topics. Below are a few awesome websites that compile all of these essays for you: Important note: Be sure to always double check prompts on third party sites with the school’s website or within the Common Application. All College Essays (~) - For the price of a Chipotle run, you’ll have all of your essays gathered for you with Dr. Prompt’s Essay Finder Tool (Free) - Click “Get Started” and create a free account, click the ‘Essays” section on the left, and add all of your colleges and it’ll pull together a list of college essays for you.Main point: Be sure to dig around so you don’t miss any questions. Finally, we’ll will be compiling a big list of links for many of the colleges that have updated and released their supplemental essay prompts for the 2019 - 2020 school year. Note: Every school’s prompts will be finalized August 15th, so bookmark this page and check back often, or keep checking your Common App account.i also wrote an additional essay explaining the format of my common app/bio essay.ECs: slam poetry team captain, debate captain/founder, asian american society president/founder, nhs vice, music theory tutor/ta, qb finalist?Graduated HS in 3 years and took Multivariable at Georgetown University fall semester during the interim (got an A). Decision: Waitlisted4.0 UW4.47 W1540 SATEC: Started a video game company and made some games. I’m also hearing back from UCLA today which is one of my top choices. Status: Waitlisted Academics: 4.0 UW, 4.82 W, 1580 SAT w/ 18 essay 34 ACT, 770 Lit, 790 Math 2, 760 Bio M, 14 APs, class doesn't rank exactly but I'm top 10% and 1 or 2.Got an extra rec from my NIH PI and submitted a STEM supplement. ECs: Junior Classical League w/ important leadership role, theater prez, recognizable Boy Scout/Venture Crew camp leader, Venture Crew prez, Brain Bowl captain, some other lower down ones, I did sort of (as in I helped fight to let it be a thing) help found an LGBT club at my conservative school Essays: I think they were very well written and conveyed my personality well but my main one was kind of abstract and inward which may not have told them enough about my ECs Recs: I know at least one was amazing, one was decent, and I don't know how good the last one was Hooks: none, white female Result: waitlisted3.97UW36ACT, 790 Math 2, 750 Lit Captain of both speech & debate, captained teams in a video game at a high level, international finalist for a somewhat obscure problem solving competition for two years, nothing too incredible, basically I just did what I loved at a somewhat decent level Essays were alright but ultimately not anything I’m super proud of beyond my common app.


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