Poultry Business Plan Template

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The drinker is fitted with a leak proof independent ballast which must be filled with water to stabilize the drinker.

The drinker is fitted with a leak proof independent ballast which must be filled with water to stabilize the drinker.

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The unique feature of the Drinker is the ballast bottle, which acts independently of the bell and eliminates wear on the valve mechanism.

Once a bird drinks as little as 10grams of water, this highly sensitive and maintenance free system is activated.

Having 20 years of experience in the industry, we have come to know & understand the climatic, environmental and social economic challenges the continent and the poultry industry faces.

Being aware of our social responsibility, we have noted the challenges Emerging Farms face when entering the poultry industry.

Its mission is to foster the long-term growth and sustainability of all role-players in the KZN poultry industry through skills development, strategic partnerships, co-ordination, information transfer and avian health management.

The Institute is a centre of excellence for skills development in the poultry industry, building capacity in individuals, contributing to food security and poverty alleviation and assisting in creating a strong poultry industry through coordinated and strategic interventions.

The specially designed ribs on the base of the tray reduce spillage while chicks are feeding.

Feeding capacity: 3 trays per 100 chicks (Stock Code 4003) The saver is specially designed to minimize spillage.

The Emerging Farmer will be supplied with a complete system to for effective management & record keeping ensuring complete control and long-term success of the venture. Facts and Figures ENTER all the projects and how you plan to make money Packaging and labeling of products (branding can be included) Storage and refrigeration of eggs and poultry products Describe how you plan to store and keep your products before they get to market Transport Describe how you will get you poultry products to market How you will market your product – where you might advertise and your unique angle that will make your chickens or eggs sell better than the opposition – it may include that your products are free range or organic Marketing through resellers Will you sell to middlemen or resellers – who are they and what margins will they make – will your products still be competitive?

This information gives the Emerging Farmer access to tested and accepted industry production information. Marketing costs and pricing How much will your products cost and how much will the marketing and branding cost?


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