Problem-Solution Essay Set-Up

Two problems and two solutions are usually sufficient.A sample of a three-sentence introduction More and more people are driving private cars nowadays than ever before.

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This is the right way of finding a lasting solution to a problem that a team could be facing.

Also, educating the team could be the best solution in addition to instituting new leadership to verse the changes that might be needed for the successful running of a group or a team.

We can also assume that because of the leadership gap or incapability as displayed by the leaders, member of the team has since developed a negative attitude that brings about a problem to the team.

Or we can think of insufficient resources as the root cause of the problem and conclude that indeed, there is a problem to look at in our essay on conflict resolution.

Also, it is essential to later the usual ways of doing things within a group or team set up.

Black History Essay Question - Problem-Solution Essay Set-Up

In that case, it is imperative to ensure that the team is given the incentives to effect the change.

We had earlier suggested that rules need to be changed or formulated to regulate the team or oversee its operations.

Now, we need to give the much-needed recommendations on the way the group can amass the resources to carry out the implementation of the rules or laws.

It is the role of the writer to ensure that he does not just present a problem and fails to offer a solution because that will definitely not be a problem solution essay.

When looking for an effective solution, we need to consider the following: Alternatively, a writer can approach the problem solution essay by ensuring that he or she first thinks about the solution and by doing so he or she ensures that the group comes up with a compromise with regards to the problem, he or she ensures that something is taken by motivating the team and rules are made to guide the team.


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