Problem Solving Skills Questions And Answers

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Dear Liz, I signed up with an online job search portal.

Dear Liz, I signed up with an online job search portal.

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Tell me about a time when you had to jump in to solve a problem, without a manager's guidance. Tell me about a time when you had to interact with a difficult person. Tell me about a time when you learned from a mistake. Tell me about a time when you had to work on a team. Tell me about a time when you had to turn on a dime, and come up with a new plan. Tell me about a time when you taught someone how to do something new. Tell me about a time when you had to act in a leadership capacity. Tell me about a time when you saved your employer money or made them money. Tell me about a time when you developed a new or improved process at work. Tell me about a time when you disagreed with a co-worker or manager, and how you resolved it.

Keep in mind that every good story has three parts why did you have to act in the first place?

You: Let's see I used Power Point for the first time when I was an intern at the community college, back in 2012.

I created the Power Point presentation for our new-student orientation.

a story about college students walking into community college and being welcomed by you and your awesome Power Point deck.

We see the students in our minds as you tell the story.After that I used Power Point to make a welcome kit for new transfer students.By then I was teaching my co-workers how to use it!Now, let's answer the question "Tell me about a problem you solved at work." Interviewer: So Simon, please tell me about a problem you solved at work.You: For sure well, I worked for Angry Chocolates for three years.The key to answering any "Tell me about a time when" question is to be specific. Story-telling is your best friend on a job interview, whether you've been asked a story-type question or not.The worst answer to the question "What's a big problem you surmounted at work? I encourage you to turn as many interview questions as possible into story-telling opportunities, like this: Interviewer: How long have you been using Power Point?There was one large retailer that carried our chocolates and had a deal to get our new products first, before other stores. I spent an hour on the phone calming our client down. I got two rush shipments out to the account, and I sent a long email detailing the problem and our solution and everything was okay.That arrangement worked fine until we produced too many of our new Angry Choco-Mints and mistakenly sent them to other stores, but not our major partner. One thing that trips people up when they run into "Tell me about a time when" questions is that they may hesitate to share their most triumphant stories.It feels intimidating to answer questions into an automated system but that's what I did.The whole automated interview is only supposed to take ten minutes. Thanks, Dear Simon, We have reached a sad point in our history when we think it's acceptable to subject job-seeking professionals to an automated telephone screening interview.


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