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In the assessment of dissertations, the following qualities will be looked for: skill in constructing a clear argument; good general knowledge of the subject area of the dissertation; a critical understanding of recent work in the field and, where relevant, of primary texts; a command of appropriate techniques of analysis; appropriate presentation.

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Polarization models are broken down into two main components: the representation of electronic polarization, and the response model used to map from an inducing field to the polarization within the chosen representation.

The results reveal that the inducible dipole models used in many current polarizable force fields fall far short of the optimal results in principle achievable by the atom-centered point dipole representation.

The topic and supervisor’s name must be given to the Chair of the MA Committee using the MA Dissertation proposal form, which must be returned to the Department office by Monday 11 March 2019.

The supervisor of your MA dissertation will give detailed advice on the project.

Lastly, binding interactions are examined between heteroallene-containing guests and cucurbituril host systems using quantum calculations and in Grb2 SH2 complexes using molecular dynamics simulations.

For the host-guest systems, the heteroallenes are shown to exhibit attractive interactions with the carbonyl oxygens of the host, and these interactions are found to be primarily electrostatic and dispersive in nature.The date of posting (recorded as the postmark on the envelope) should be no later than the day of the deadline, and you should take all reasonable steps to ensure that work reaches us as soon as reasonably possible after the deadline (use special delivery as necessary).Please ensure that all three copies of your dissertation include the standard Arts & Humanities coversheet as the first page, available in the Faculty handbook.For the Grb2 SH2 domain, the thermodynamics of ligand preorganization are studied by computing relative binding enthalpies for flexible and constrained ligands.We are well equipped with a Heidelberg Suprasetter Computer-to-Plate (CTP) system.In this study, the performance of different docking scoring function, free energy perturbation, MM-GBSA and QM/MM-GBSA were evaluated.The ranking capability of FEP is the best with obtained from MM-GBSA can reach 0.767, which requires only about one-eighth of the simulation time of FEP.As for the docking scoring functions, a force field-based scoring function is more suitable for ranking congeneric compounds.We describe a strategy of integrating quantum mechanical (QM), hybrid quantum mechanical/molecular mechanical (QM/MM) and MM simulations to analyze the physical properties of a solid/water interface.This protocol is illustrated by examining the orientations of an alkyl amine ligand at the gold/water interface, since the ligand conformation is expected to impact the chemical properties (, charge) of the solid surface.DFT/MM and MM simulations using the INTERFACE force field lead to consistent results, suggesting that the effective gold/ligand interactions can be adequately described by a van der Waals model, while electrostatic and induction effects are largely quenched by solvation.


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