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Laura Camarata Title: "As a Teacher, What Are You Supposed to Do?

The purpose of this case study is to illuminate some of the unique challenges that multilingual ENL preschool classrooms can present as well as potential strategies teachers can use to overcome them, with the ultimate goal of providing directions for future empirical research on this topic.

Specifically, this study examines verbal and non-verbal interactions in the classroom and the extent to which home language and culture are incorporated in the students’ learning experience.

Only recently, however, have studies trained their focus on how gang involvement affects school achievement, and educators’ roles in mitigating these effects.

Yet, novice teachers continue to enter schools with at-risk, gang-involved student populations without adequate preparation, and to date, research has neglected to examine these teachers’ extent of preparation or their perceptions of gang-involved students.Realities: Experiences of African American Women at Washington High School Maria Mc Kenna, Adviser ESS Thesis Megan Mc Cuen (ENGL/ROFR) What Can Be Learned from Destination Imagination?Maria Mc Kenna, Adviser ESS Thesis Maria Mc Guire (PSY) School Effectiveness as Influence on Students with Military Parents Andrea Christensen, Adviser Thesis in Major Bridget Mooney (PLS) Notre Dame Department of Education in Retrospect and Prospect Clark Power, Adviser ESS Thesis Zoe Rote (POLS) Place-Based Education: Engagement from the Student Perspective Stuart Greene, Adviser Thesis in Major Njeri Williams (POLS, AFST) The Effect of the Black Arts Movement on the Evolution of Black Identity Maria Mc Kenna, Adviser Laura Camarata Youth gangs and the significant social problems they create have long been researched.Using a Q-sort method, this study determined whether elementary, middle, or high school students had a preference about working with a male or female partner on a science project.This study also used the Q-sort method to examine if participants were more likely to rank male or female students higher on a science test." Teacher Preparation and Perceptions of Student Gang Involvement Read the Abstract Patrick J.Couch Title: Teacher Retention: Why Do Teachers Remain in the Classroom? Title: Analysis of Principal Leadership in the Wake of Maintaining a Tight Budget Read the Abstract Madeline Hahn Title: Which Classroom is Best?Additionally, participants identified various themes to be prevalent to the conversation when talking about gang-involved youth, such as classroom influences, tracking/academic achievement, race/ethnicity, poverty/SES effects, home influences, parental involvement, disciplinary approaches, student-teacher relationships, and teacher/administrator collaboration.Moving forward, teachers expressed a strong desire for more information and strategies on teaching, supporting, and disciplining gang-involved students. Couch: This study examined the retention rate of teachers within elementary schools.A Comparative Study of Spanish Classes for Heritage Language Learners Read the Abstract Kenzell Huggins Title: Graduate Students, Underrerpresented Minorities, and Interpersonal Relationships Read the Abstract Kathleen Kennedy Title: Teachers’ Perceptions of the Effects of Differences in Teacher and Students’ Racial Identities Read the Abstract Paloma Main Title: How Physical Activity Can Be Used to Improve Social Skills in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Read the Abstract Grace Mazur Title: The Impact of Exercise on Freshmen Academic, Mental, and Social Adjustment to College Read the Abstract Erin Moston Title: A Study of Text Material Including Customized Course-Packets at the University Level Read the Abstract Sarah Neuberger Title: Adolescents’ Interactions on the Internet: Student and Teacher Perceptions of Cyberbullying Read the Abstract Kara Neumann Title: Let’s Talk About God: The Effects of Personal Religiosity on Caring Classroom and School Communities Read the Abstract Hannah Petersen Title: Parental Motivation for Enrollment in a Bilingual Preschool Read the Abstract Megan Petti Title: How Gender Identification of Middle School Girls Effects Their Possible Future Selves in Science Read the Abstract Megan Schilling Title: Beginning the School Day with Care and Support: How Do Morning Meetings Build Caring Communities?Read the Abstract Caroline Smith Title: Teachers’ Perceptions of Students’ Home Lives and Teacher Efficacy Beliefs Read the Abstract Malaysha Stewart Title: The Effect of Positive Student/Teacher Relationships on Students' Ability to Count and Number Objects Read the Abstract Katharine Taylor Title: A Knight Kebab: Social Studies in Montessori Schools Read the Abstract Sean Tenaglia Title: Autonomy and Ownership in Physical Education and Their Effects on Middle School Students’ Attitudes Toward School Read the Abstract Elizabeth Weir Title: Differences in Stress Levels Between Freshmen and Seniors Read the Abstract ESS Thesis Elizabeth Anthony (PHIL) Examining the Role of Digital Badges in Achieving the University’s MOOC Strategic Aims Alex Ambrose, Adviser ESS Thesis Alexandra Bohnsack (PSY) Effect of Set Patterns on the Acquisition of Cardinal Understanding Nicole Mc Neil, Adviser Thesis in Major Trini Bui (ENGL) The Sound of Silence: Finding Words to Communicate Identity and Social Space in Amy Tan’s Stuart Greene/Maria Mc Kenna, Advisers Thesis in Major Kelly Griffith (POLS) Promising Practices in Juvenile Justice: A Restorative Lens Stuart Greene, Adviser Thesis in Major Ray’Von Jones (SOC) Perceptions Vs.


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