Real Estate Investing Business Plan Template

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Not only can you still make money by flipping it, but you can also consider closing the deal and getting paid via a seller . You can either fix it up or not, but ultimately, you’ll resell it by holding a note on the property and receiving payments from a buyer.With this exit strategy, you get paid not by being the owner of the property, but rather by owning the note on the property – by financing it.

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Having a bank account that grows every month is the key to independence – doing what you want, when you want it.

Really, like everyone else, you probably just want an exciting life and to be compensated handsomely for your efforts. For successful real estate investors, it certainly isn’t. That’s why you’re reading this blog post right now and spending your precious free time educating yourself on real estate investing.

People seeking help from us at Epic Real Estate are looking for all sorts of different things – some of the very same things I’m sure you struggle with.

You probably have limited options for bringing in the type of income you’re looking for or you’re frustrated with someone else having control over what you’re doing.

In short, you’re the bank, and you get paid just as a bank would – some cash in the form of a down payment and cash flow in the form of monthly payments.

You get to call the shots with regards to price, terms, and who qualifies for your loan.It’s no coincidence that badass real estate investors have three major similarities amongst them: Confidence, money, and freedom make up a badass investor. Your word for this might not be “badass,” but it is what you want to be inside of your real estate investing. You’re looking for personal, financial, and property problems.And get used to it because an ancillary benefit of being a real estate investing badass is being a badass in real life. When you get your lead generation right, opportunity knocks. Our society tends to reward people who can solve problems, and the bigger the problems, the bigger the rewards.If the seller believes the price and terms are their idea, they will, of course, gladly sign the contract! If you get the exit wrong, there’s no profit, but if you get it right, you put money in the bank – the type of money that provides the independence and freedom real estate promises. It depends on two things: the deal and what you need.Once you have the seller’s signature on the contract, you are in control. You have successfully converted a lead into a contract. Based on these two things, a badass investor know how to pull out the highest and best profit of every deal.They know if that as long as they can control one of the two, they can create a deal.Finally, the real magic of presenting the price and terms lies within the – will be simple. I haven’t made any money yet.”But remember, you make your money when you BUY real estate, and although you’re not obligated to close this deal, you technically bought it. Lastly, it’s a good exit strategy that brings this real estate investing plan together.The better you are at putting properties under contract at the right price and terms, the more money you’re going to make. You’ve likely heard before that people do business with people they know, like, and trust.So how do you get a complete stranger with a problem to do business with you? That’s very much the case here, but there is a twist – the seller doesn’t know you first. A successful deal driver system works in this order: They have to like, trust, and then get to know you specifically as a competent problem solver. The fastest path I’ve discovered for this is being genuinely interested in the property owner’s problem and the solution you’re going to find for them.That’s why the BEST exit strategy is different for every deal. To determine the best strategy for a any given deal, you need an property.It’s not the most exciting path to financial freedom, but a badass investor is disciplined.


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