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The first person’s name should be reversed, with a comma being placed after the last name and a period after the first name (or any middle name). Write a director’s name in normal order – do not list reverse the first and last names. Place the commentary or film chapter name, along with a period, in quotations, after the initial personnel and before the film title.

Begin the citation by including any personnel responsible for the content being cited, including composers, writers, or performers. Include the medium of the copy of the film you viewed (e.g. Include the text “Directed by” and then list out the names of any directors. If you are citing a commentary or an individual scene, cite it like a chapter from a book.

After the personnel are listed, italicize the film title, and follow it with a period. If film was re-released in a more recent year and you are citing content new to that particular version of the film, use the most recent year of release in your citation.

After the directors, include the city in which the film’s distributor is located, followed by a colon, the distributor’s name, a comma, and the year of release.

Both numbers should be included in the works cited list if available.

Start Time of Relevant Section-End Time of Section) ("The One Where Chandler" -) Note: The title of the episode is in quotation marks in the in-text citation because that is how it appears in the Works Cited List Example.Common contributor roles that can be included in the citation include Who to Credit - Streaming Video from a Website For videos from websites such as You Tube or Vimeo, credit the person who posted the content. If the real name of the person who posted the content is not known, use their user name. Contributors Name(s), season, episode, Production Company, Year of Release.As there are no page numbers in audio and video recordings, include a timestamp instead. Note: Typically films, television episodes, and other performances have many contributors. For example: "Spielberg, S (Director), & Rodat, R (Producer). Star with the movie title and separate it with a comma, then space and use the phrase "directed by (a full name)". Use the brackets with the role (producer, director) after the initial first letter. United States: Warner Bros."Citing a Film in Chicago Style Chicago Manual of Style is used to cite films for disciplines such as history and political science.Time stamps are given in the following format: (Author's Last Name hours:min:seconds-hours:min:seconds) If you are citing something that is less than an hour long, you can start minutes. After the movie title, list the contributors most relevant to your project after the move title.Examples: (Smith -) (Jones -) In your works cited list, abbreviate months as follows: January = Jan. Most common contributors listed include directors, creators, and performers.First of all, write the name of the director, using the abbreviation "Dir." After that, put a film title. List them with the acronym "Perf.” , before the movie title. Follow this with a comma and the video release year.Then list the distributor and the year, separated by commas. For a film with two or more personnel, list them in order as they are credited in the film. Titles and affiliations associated with the author should be omitted. should appear after the author’s given name, preceded by a comma. For a film with two or more directors, separate each person by a comma and include the word “and” before the last director’s name.


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