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occurrence of a birthmark on the kid that resemble to injuries of the kids’ previous character or even existence of printed records describing a kids reports that are dated earlier than the kids’ supposed previous character is recognized after thoroughly outlining the cases, he goes further to discuss the possible substitute explanations to reincarnation for those cases (ordinary explanations which include faulty memory, fraud, coincidence or paranormal explanation e.g.possession) and then he further goes to conclude if reincarnation offers the most convincing explanation for each individual case.

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Human existence is all about hope and since the dawn of human civilization on this......

XXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXX DALAI LAMA ‘Finding’ the Dalai Lama’ Since the late 1950s Tibet and Tibetan Buddhism have come under intense pressure to preserve their cultural and religious identity.

While other religions share some of the Hinduism beliefs, others are unique to Hindu religion.

Founded by an Indian and mostly practiced by Indians, some of the Hinduism beliefs have their origin in the Indian culture.

And then, “…a person who remembers or imagines a past life is likely to think of it as representing a continuity of existence between lifespans...” (The Buddhist...

events......the of the Concerned 12 November 2009 Life after Death: Hindu and Buddhist Perspective Even a cursory perusal of the history of major civilizations, be it the Egyptians, Indians, Chinese, Mayans or Aztecs conclusively point towards the fact that almost all these civilizations believed in reincarnation or the continuation of life after death.And learning about the explanations of Buddhism about it makes my unbelief even stronger.Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism all share the doctrine of reincarnation.Of tuckers In most of Doctor Tuckers cases, the amount of material supposedly recalled by the kid in question is quite one certain case, Doctor Tucker tells of a kid from whom even before he was three years old began telling her life as a vendor of incense in a community approximately a hundred and forty five miles away.Reincarnation appears to have caught the thoughts of many and the notion receives frequent mentions in popular books, feature films and popular music.( Stevenson, 37) Discussion Written by Doctor Jim B.Tucker the book ‘Life before life’ is a scientific analysis of kids’ memories of former lives.It is the inbuilt tendency of human consciousness to give meaning to life as well as death.Definitely, it is extremely excruciating and disturbing for anyone to think that life ceases to exist after death and the human existence after death is defined by just a void, nothingness or oblivion.Chinese occupation and the government’s attempts to control the religious practices have come under huge international criticism.The head of Tibetan Buddhism, the 14th Dalai Lama, has been in exile and currently lives in the north Indian city of Dharamshaala.


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