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” Pepa Paniagua (IPM–Religion & Gender Studies)Thesis: "Gender in the Presbyterian Church: Practice or Just Preaching?An Examination Into the Construction of Gender in Presbyterian Hymnals" Matthew Maynard Thesis: “Teaching About Religion in the Public Schools” Thomas Nagy Thesis: “St.

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Spaid Ishida – 2008 Punk Rock Puja: (Mis)appropriation, (Re)Interpretation, and Dissemination of Hindu Religious Traditions in the North American and European Underground Music Scene(s) James Wilson – 2008 The Only Paradise We Ever Need: Pantheism’s Sacred Geography in American Culture, with Case Studies Exploring the Writings of Edward Abbey, Thomas Berry, and Matthew Fox Daniel Bernard Zaleha – 2008 Female Imagery in the Avadanasataka Phillip Green – 2007 Hinduism in Cyberspace Bradley Sterling Ackroyd – 2006 Celtic Christianity and the Future of New Religious Production Joseph Dylan Witt – 2006 Meditation, Wisdom, and MRI Emotional Capacitance: Does Meditation Enhance Wisdom? Koster – 1999 Heavenly and Hellish Visitations: Implications of Lay Religiosity in Classical Pali Buddhism Gregory Wise – 1998 Russian Icons: Religious Persistence of Ritual Illuminations and Templates of Authoritative Subterfuge Jennifer A.

Marc Kurtzman – 2005 Adult Jewish Education: Historical Models and Contemporary Programs Stacey Dyan Crandall – 2003 Bodies, Magic and Power: Transformative Milieux of Reclaiming Witchcraft Rituals Viewed Through Ritual Theory and Feminist Theories of the Body Heather Joy Simpson – 2003 The Meaning of Environmental Ethics in J. Baum – 1998 Back from Damascus: The Evolution of American Unitarianism from Christian to Non-Christian Group Van Eric Fox – 1998 Culture, Community, and Place: The Creation of a Thai American Religious Institution Douglas M.

Joseph as a Metaphor for the Valentinian Demiurge” Nathan Roller Thesis: “Communit-e: An Examination of () Emily Courtney Thesis: "Unifying Spiritual Leadership: Filling the Void" Kevin Erickson (January, 2006 completion)Thesis: “I am Relevant: Hipster Evangelicals and the Culture Industry” Kate Imwalle Thesis: “Feminism and Catholicism: Can a Positive Relationship Exist?

” David Prins Thesis: "A Monk's Life: An Ethnographic Study of Theravadan Buddhist monks and their social relevance in Sri Lanka." Brook Elliott-Buettner (IPM in Religious Studies)Thesis: “The Problem of Critical Historical Analysis of the New Testament” Meredith Gudger (IPM in Religious Studies)Thesis: “Will They Be as One?

Cooking for Krishna in America Alysia Radder – 2014 Rounding up Christian Cowboys: Myth, Masculinity and Identity in Two Texas Congregations Sarah Moczygemba – 2013 Contemplating Modern Ecological Yoga: Wild Practices for the Preservation of the World Keri Johnson – 2013 The Sustainability of the Catholic Worker Movement through Bioregionalism Victoria Machado – 2013 Healing the Land: A Charismatic Environmental Theology Melissa Richards – 2013 Engaging in the World: Seva in Hindu Bhakti Traditions Ved Patel – 2012 Tea and the Hidden History of Islam Jennifer Dick – 2010 Ritualizing Navaratri: The Power of Choice in the Performance of Identity in Gainesville, Florida Carly Dwyer – 2009 Muslim Cultures and the Walt Disney World Theme Parks: The Spread of Religious Perceptions in a Global Market Ann Marie Palmer – 2009 Latter-Day Anguish and the Epic of Greater Mormonism Seth L.

Bryant – 2008 Planet in Peril: The End of the World in Environmental Discourse Robin Globus – 2008 The Making of an American Shinto Community Sarah E. Cervone – 2001 A Past in Their Image: Christian Nationalist Reconstruction and Use of American History Alexander V.You should link everything else in your paper to this one main issue.A way to identify your thesis is to complete the following sentence “In this essay I argue that….” You do not need to put this sentence exactly this way in your paper, but you do need to write your thesis or argument in such a way that the main point you are making is very clear to your reader.So begin with a thesis, then write, then re-write your thesis after you have written a draft of your paper.) What to Include and Not Include.A good way to begin to think about what to write about is to imagine that you are having a conversation with another member of this class or another student who has some superficial knowledge of the material, but who wants to know more and needs to have it further explained.Beginning your first paragraph with a sentence like “Many people all over the world practice religion” or “Ritual is an important aspect of religion” is too broad and self-evident.Note: A paper that just restates facts and statistics does not have a thesis.This grabs your reader’s attention, makes it immediately clear to your reader the main point you wish to communicate in your writing, and sets the tone for the rest of the paper.(As you write your paper, you may need to revise your first paragraph because the process of writing itself may bring new ideas to mind.: Intertextuality and 2 Samuel 16.5-14 Timothy Frederick Simpson – 1996 Mexican Retablos: The Art and Politics of Everyday Devotions Lisa Breglia – 1996 Feminist Theo/Thealogy, Dialectical Thinking via Derridean Deconstructionism, and Starhawk’s Wiccan Goddess Symbolism: Weaving the Multiplicities Sun Chae – 1994 Luke’s Portrayal of the Jews and Judaism in Luke-Acts and its Relationship to the Sources of Anti-Semitism Mary Ann Frederick – 1994 Siren’s Song: Evangelicalism and Civil Religion Susan Lee Lewis – 1994 Women and Feminism in Islam and Judaism: A Comparative Study of Two Feminist Thinkers, Judith Plaskow and Fatima Mernissi Patricia J. (1)CASHELL MORAN, HELEN JOAN (1)Codd, Anne Marie (1)Deane, David William Charles (1)HANISEK, JOEL FEURT (1)JOHANNSEN, DIRK (1)Kasonga, Jean Marie Mbombo M.


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