Research Dissertations In Nursing

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Elford PDF Youth Homelessness: The Impact of Supportive Relationships on Recovery, Sara Gasior PDF The Relationship Between Inter-Professional Collaboration, Job Satisfaction, and Patient Safety Climate for Nurses in a Tertiary-Level Acute Care Hospital, Noha Mohammedali Hamlan PDF Women's Long-Term Life Experience After Pregnancy Termination for Fetal Abnormality: Interpretive Phenomenological Study, Heba A.Hassan PDF The Influence of Nurse Manager Transformational Leadership on Nurse and Patient Outcomes: Mediating Effects of Supportive Practice Environments, Organizational Citizenship Behaviours, Patient Safety Culture and Nurse Job Satisfaction, Elizabeth A.Boamah PDF Undergraduate Nurse Educators’ Perceived Structural Empowerment, Self-Efficacy for Teaching, and Perceptions of Uncivil Classroom Behaviours in Academic Settings, Molly A.

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Le Blanc PDF Barriers to Education in Homeless Youth, Michelle S.

Solomon PDF Examining the Effects of Policies on the Delivery of Shelter Services to Women Who Have Experienced Intimate Partner Violence, Camille J.

Walsh PDF Examining e Shift through the Caregiver Policy Lens: A Content Analysis, Ashlee A.

Worrall PDF A Systematic Review of the Antecedents, Mediators and Outcomes of Authentic Leadership in Healthcare, Bayan Alilyyani PDF The Influence of Transformational Leadership on Nurse-reported Patient Safety Outcomes, Sheila A.

Hurlock-Chorostecki PDF Placed-Based Rural Public Health Policy, Angela M.

Jurich PDF Interprofessional Socialization and Dual Identity Development Amongst Cross-Disciplinary Students, Hossein Khalili PDF Health Literacy of Individuals Living with Parkinson's Disease, Nicole D.Read PDF Exploring the Mobile Phone Digital Divide among Individuals Experiencing Mental Illness: A Secondary Analysis, Jefferey R.Reed PDF An Investigation Of Health Literacy, Acculturation, Diabetes Knowledge, And Social Supports Among Latinos With Diabetes In Southern Ontario, Ivonne Aguilar PDF An Exploration of the Influence of Nursing Education Culture on the Integration of Nursing Informatics Competencies Into a Collaborative Nursing Program Curriculum, Stephanie L.Loft PDF Organizational Support and Job Satisfaction of Frontline Clinical Managers: The Mediating Role of Work Engagement, Alexandra Peterson PDF Nursing Students' Understanding and Enactment of Resilience: A Grounded Theory Study, Andrew T.Reyes PDF Understanding Nurses' Knowledge Work, Heidi M.Smith PDF Supporting Indigenous Students: A Critical Analysis of the Sociocultural Context of Nursing Education, Kay E.Vallee PDF Authentic Leadership and Workplace Bullying Among Experienced Registered Nurses: Testing a Double Mediation Model, Edmund J.Burnett PDF An Exploration of Knowledge Translation Amongst Homecare Providers, Family Caregivers, and Clients, L.Jansen PDF The Lived Experience of Anxiety Among Adolescents During High School, Diana R.Siu PDF An Ethnographic Study Examining Nurse-Client Relationships in a Jordanian Mental Health Care Setting, Wafa'a Falah Ta'an PDF Continuous Professional Development in Rwanda: The Experience of Midwives who Participated in the Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics (ALSO) Educational Program, Pauline Uwajeneza PDF Job Strain, Coping Strategies, and Work Performance among Oncology Nurses Working in Saudi Oncology Care Settings, Dhuha Youssef Wazqar PDF The Influence of Resonant Leadership and Structural Empowerment on the Job Satisfaction of Registered Nurses, Eunice Bawafaa PDF Transitioning to Motherhood After Trauma: Interacting With the Healthcare System, Karen E.Haines PDF Understanding Women's Health Promotion in Rural Canadian Churches, Robyn Plunkett PDF A Critical Examination of the Social Organizations within Canadian NGOs in the Provision of HIV/AIDS Health Work in Tanzania, Oona M.


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