Research Paper On Cloud Computing

Research Paper On Cloud Computing-82
Big data is characterized by three Vs which are: Cloud Security is one of the most significant shifts in information technology.

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The customer can provide various software services and can do research on it.

Paa S also provides the services over the internet such as infrastructure and the customers can deploy over the existing infrastructure.

In security research, there are three specific areas such as trusted computing, information-centric security, and privacy-preserving models.

Cloud Security protects the data from leakage, theft, disaster, and deletion.

Load Balancing is the distribution of the load over the servers so that the work can be easily done.

Due to this, the workload demands can be distributed and managed.Green Cloud Computing provides many solutions, which makes IT resources more energy efficient and reduces the operational cost.It can also take care of power management, data warehouse. Edge Computing is the new and emerging field, which also optimizes the resource usage in, cloud computing. Cloud Computing helps clients with a virtual environment, on which they can store data and perform multiple tasks.It has been observed that there is tremendous growth in the cloud analytics market.Moreover, it can be delivered through various models such asbusiness intelligence tools, enterprise information management, analytics solutions, governance, risk and compliance, enterprise performance management, and complex event processing Scalability can reach much advancement if proper research is done on it.These Cloud computing topics will help in your researches, projects and assignments.So, let’s start the Cloud Computing Research Topics.Green Cloud Computing is a broad topic, that makes virtualized data centres and servers to save energy.The IT services are utilizing so many resources and this leads to the shortage of resources.The main advantage of Mobile Cloud Computing is that there is no costly hardware and it comes with extended battery life.The only disadvantage is that has low bandwidth and heterogeneity.


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