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There are various programs prisons provide to prisoners to help them get a job or have a skill when they are released from prison....[tags: Prison, Suicide, English-language films] - During the trip to the Patuxent prison I learned numerous things regarding the correctional system.

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Many private prison owners argue that the more inmates in a prison the more money they could make....

[tags: Prison, Recidivism, Prison gang, Penology] - Is it possible to have a world where prison does not exist.

Upon release, the recidivism rate among felons is close to 2/3 according to a report published by the Bureau of Justice (Cooper, Alexia D., Dr, Matthew R. Is this a sign that even the system has given up on trying to reform criminals.

It seems that criminals are merely taken off the street, then thrown in to prison....

[tags: Prison, Crime, Capital punishment] - So much can be lost due to a bad decision or being in the wrong place at the wrong time or even out of an impulse.

This thought is brought into consideration when I think of juveniles who have committed a crime and are sentenced to life in prison.One way of doing this would be start rehabilitating prisons so when they get out of jail, they can start contributing to society in a positive way.Currently there is more than 2.2 million people that are in prison in United States.Many prisons begin the correcting criminals since they are inside the jails, but many prisons do not.Prisons provide prisoners with jobs inside the prison where they get very little pay close to nothing and many have programs that will help them advance their education or get their high school diploma.For that bad decision that this juveniles have done they are about to waste their whole life’s behind prison bars.I personally agree with the Supreme Court justices who argue to abolish mandatory life in prison for juveniles who commit murder.- The number of Americans that are in prison has elevated to levels that have never been seen before.Prisons in the US have always been crowded ever since the first prison was invented (Jacobs and Angelos 101).If there was a way that we could reduce the number of people that return to jail would you support this idea.Or would you say that it is a waste of time and money.


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