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preprint preprint Mathematics of Computation, to appear Israel Journal of Mathematics, 232 (2019), 931--945 Combinatorics, Probability and Computing, 28 (2019), 696--719 Discrete Analysis, 2017:2, 34 pp. 2, 348--385 Discrete & Computational Geometry, 39 (2008), 76--99 Surveys on Discrete and Computational Geometry, Contemporary Mathematics, 453 (2008), 117--137 Advances in Mathematics, 211 (2007), 105--122 Proceedings of the International Congress of Mathematicians, Madrid, August 22-30, 2006 , European Mathematical Society, vol. Combinatorics, Probability and Computing, 17 (2008), 1--19 Pure and Applied Mathematics Quarterly, 2 (2006), N 2, 943--961 Mathematics of Computation, 75 (2006), 1449-1466 Foundations of Computational Mathematics, 7 (2007), 229-244 Geometric Combinatorics, IAS/Park City Mathematics Series, 13, 2007, 19-62 Combinatorial and Computational Geometry, MSRI Publications, 52, 2005, 51-77 These codes, written by Alexander Yong, implement the algorithm suggested in the paper ``Random weighting ...'' below Israel Journal of Mathematics, 158(2007), 159-191. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 1412(1998), 195-201.

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Try PNAS papers in section Mathematics (returns 2308 results, but some are cross-discipinary). But these days they seem to be listed under Mathematics Physical Sciences, for instance Morrison-Walker, Griffin-Ono-Rolen and Conway-Jiao-Torquato (actually Ken Ono seems to have published a bunch of stuff there...). Proceedings of the Royal Society A does not have a dedicated mathematics section.

In the early days there were a lot of pure mathematics papers listed under just 'Mathematics' (e.g. This search however picks up a lot of stuff that you wanted to rule out, "use of (sophisticated) mathematical techniques to solve a scientific problem from another discipline." Not sure whether it qualifies, but here it goes: the journal Los Alamos Science, published between 19. It features plenty of applied mathematics papers and mathematical physics papers of course, but interestingly, sometimes also pure research mathematics.

I am not sure that I found any examples of what you are looking for, but here are a couple of candidates that may at least let you state more clearly what you want.

In general, I do not think that mathematicians treat Nature or Science as an appropriate venue to make a research announcement of a purely mathematical result whose technical details appear elsewhere (no matter how "generally interesting" the result is), so if that is really what you're after then I think there will be very few examples.

I guess you have already tried this, but just in case, you can search the publishers' websites.

For example, here's all research and review papers under the "Mathematics and Computing" category in Nature Publishing Group's journals: You can refine the search by choosing narrower subjects such as Applied Mathematics.


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