Research Proposal Latex Template

Use the latex template proposal_as a starting point. Note that this template uses the Times font, which converts nicely to pdf, but NSF guidelines now specify fonts, and this format will need to be updated. (Emacs has a macro that will help you fill in bibliography information.

Make sure the file that you are editing ends .bib, and emacs will set up the templates, specified in drop down menus.

NSF requests that each segment of the proposal be submitted as a separate document.

The objective of writing this research project proposal is to identify open question in robotic manipulation research and to develop an approach towards adressing it.

The advisor should solicit the prospective committee members, not the student.

In cases where the research and departmental advisors are different, both must serve on the committee.The emacs command sequence ^C^C will clean up an entry once it has been filled in, ^X^S will save, and ^X^C will quit.Web of Science now allows you to save bibliographic information in bibtex format, and only minimal typing/editing should be required.) You'll need two special style files: is a proposal class file for latex originally developed by Stefan Llewellyn Smith (updated 1 June 2008.In the thesis proposal, the Ph D or DES student lays out an intended course of research for the dissertation.By accepting the thesis proposal, the student’s dissertation proposal committee agrees that the proposal is practicable and acceptable, that its plan and prospectus are satisfactory, and that the candidate is competent in the knowledge and techniques required, and formally recommends that the candidate proceed according to the prospectus and under the supervision of the dissertation committee.It was hacked from the AGU bibliography style file.Download them and insert them in your working directory. Alternatively, they can be inserted as pdf, png, or jpg, and the proposal can be processed using pdflatex (rather than latex).The target semester must be no later than the eighth semester, and the student must be informed of the target semester no later than the sixth semester.Passing or failing is determined by consensus of the committee, who then sign the dissertation proposal form.An older version is also still available: proposal.cls).is a bibliography style file based on AMS bibliography style.


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