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Research objectives lead to research design (what you must do to gather and analyze the information required by your research objectives to answer your research questions and achieve the objectives of your study). Research design is what must you do, in what order, and how it must be done, which then becomes what you write (and do) in your methodology. Research design is the recipe that you will use to attain the information required by your research objectives to answer your research questions so as to accomplish the objectives of your study.

When you write up this recipe, you are writing your methodology.

How each variable will be operationalized (made where it can be counted or measured) and why this is a valid and reliable measure of the variable(s) of interest.

You must explain how physically the information will be obtained from the sample (ask: [survey, focus group, interview, etc.] or observe: [meters, measurement devices, viewing, etc.]).

The sample frame you will use, the sample size that you have calculated and how that was done.

How the sample will be drawn (how do you pick one respondent and not the other).Subheadings need not be used, though in long sections they may facilitate organization. Introduction Explain the issue you are examining and why it is significant. Method and Design A description of how you would go about collecting data and test the questions your are examining.You are not required to come up with a new or original method (though you can try! Look journal articles to determine what methods are standardly used to assess knowledge of language in your chosen area and adapt one of these for your needs. Significance and Conclusion Discuss, in general, how your proposed research would lead to a significant improvement over the original studies, and how it would benefit the field. If you were applying for money to do this, why would someone fund you? The objectives of your study lead to research questions (what you need to know to accomplish the objectives of your study).Research questions lead to research objectives (the specific information that you must have to answer your research questions and thereby accomplish the objectives of your study).If you wanted to publish your results, why would they be interesting? In general, the introduction of a research proposal should: 1) Summarize the current state of knowledge 2) Identify the gap, question, or problem that motivates study 3) Provide the objective(s) of study In the Methods section of a research proposal: Introduction American Kestrels (Falco sparverius) are widely distributed throughout North America. In Kentucky, these falcons are permanent residents and are most abundant in rural farmland where they hunt over fields and pastures (Palmer-Ball 1996). Although primarily sit-and-wait predators, hunting from elevated perches and scanning the surrounding areas for prey, kestrels also hunt while hovering (Balgooyen 1976). In central Kentucky, many American Kestrels are residents. As a result, male and female kestrels would likely have equal opportunity to establish winter territories in the higher quality, open habitats. Plumage colour signals nutritional condition in the House Finch.


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