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When her father tires of the interruptions, she shares an original story in which the dad is put to bed.Cartoon illustrations depict the likeable characters and humorous actions.

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Impetuous Clementine is concerned that she'll lose her much loved 3rd grade teacher, Mr. Humor abounds in this third book about spontaneous, likeable, and ultimately honorable Clementine.

D'Matz, when he's recommended to study in Egypt for a year.

It’s important for students to remember there’s no one size fits all technique for revision.

They have to see what works for them and analyse their road blocks.

Their revision checklist includes items such as: Although it's rarely considered this way, revisions include any changes a writer makes to a draft, including decisions made both before the writing begins and as drafting is taking place.

Strategies that engage students before writing begins — for example RAFT and the story sequence strategy — can help students develop a strong first draft.A series of rhyming questions about the natural world accompanied by open illustrations are sure to inspire research in various content areas as well as presentation of the information (or inspiration) in a clear sequence.Ike, a likeable mutt, is sent to obedience school from which he writes letters that don't match the actions depicted in the illustration.As well as learning the material, students have lots of facts, figures and theories to remember.One of your students’ main concerns may be forgetting all-important points about a subject, so it’s important they understand how memory works.Exam time can be really stressful for students and as a teacher you feel can that stress.You’ve likely been asked lots of questions about revision and exams so we’ve compiled a downloadable revision skills lesson plan and a guide to delivering it below.These steps for revision can be used across content areas.The types of writing that could take place include writing the steps to a word problem (math), reporting results from an experiment (science), and summarizing an important historical event or figure (social studies).If they’re not revising well at home then relocate.If they can’t stand the quiet then listen to some music.


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