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Here we are at Mel's conference and then later with some academic siblings at a party at my house for Mel's birthday.

Xiaolei has also studied The MMP for deformations of Hilbert schemes of points on the projective plane.

After a post-doc at Northeastern U, Xioalei is now an Assistant Professor at UC Santa Barbara.

Sarah Mayes (2013, U Michigan) Ph D Thesis: The Asymptotic Behavior of Generic intital systems.

Sarah is now an assistant professor at Toronto, having recently moved there from Quest University in Canada.

Rosenberg is currently a mathematical researcher at the Institute for Defense Analysis Center for Communications Research (IDA-CCR).

Uriel Scott (2000, University of Michigan) Ph D Thesis: Sparse Systems of Parameters for Projective Varieties Uriel Scott is a founder of Digital Mint, a financial company founded in 2014 providing Bitcoin ATMs and teller locations.

Cornelia Yuen (2006, University of Michigan) Ph D Thesis: Jet Schemes and Truncated Wedge schemes.

Cornelia is a Professor at SUNY Potsdam, after a post-doc at the University of Kentucky.

William Ryerson is the Population Institute's Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer.

Ryerson, who also serves as President of the Population Media Center, has a 45-year history of working in the field of reproductive health, including three decades of experience adapting the Sabido methodology for behavior change communications to various cultural settings worldwide.


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