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Many famous romance writers such as Paula Graves believe in embracing the ideas and executing them the same way. Authors like Anne Garcia consider formula writing is what brings monotony in the plot.

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Romance writers who tend to agree with Harlequin often use the formula in a different way.

According to them, writing a perfect romance novel requires a certain format.

You can also fictionalize a romantic experience, using special moments or a romantic relationship as raw material for your novel.

It is essential to create a relatable main character for your readers.

This is one of the most tried-and-tested ways to become a successful romantic novelist.

Readers are always interested in reading something drawn from a real-life romantic experience.It may not sound important to you, but ‘the first meeting’ of your main characters really influences the readers.It is one of the things readers anticipate the most from the very first line.Make it dramatic, intense yet cute to let your reader fantasize even the subtle details of the scene.Like every other novel, a romance novel requires an interesting storyline.Despite the fact that it is a love story and all about emotional bonding, it requires some concrete details.You must show that your characters are solicitous enough to admit that they love each other.Another inevitable aspect of a romance novel is the physical attraction between the protagonists. Physical attraction must be there in every single interaction of the characters.Not only does it deepen the bond between the main characters, but also changes things for them.Before we dive into the details of ‘how to write a romance novel step by step’, let us discuss some important elements of this genre.Romance writing tends to heighten its reader’s expectations by encapsulating the following components.


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