Romeo And Juliet Conflict Coursework

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The last idea which demonstrates conflict is disagreement within families.

In act 3 scene 5, Juliet confesses to her father, Lord Capulet of her love for Romeo. ” by Lord Capulet, uses a biting tone against Juliet.

This shows the audience the anger built inside the character by reinforcing the consonant sounds.

The film portrays the same effect, but through a different process.

Shakespeare’s original play, Romeo and Juliet and Luhrmann’s appropriated version, both investigate different types of conflict.

The two texts are set in completely contrasting social and historical contexts of Elizabethan England to Southern California in Verona Beach.

Through all the given information, it can be concluded that Shakespeare and Luhrmann have both used the text Romeo and Juliet, to explore the different ideas of conflict by shaping and reshaping.

By introducing both major and minor conflicting scenes between the two feuding families, as well as conflict within each family, the audience can thoroughly understand the idea of conflict across age groups.

However, the film adds to the emotions evoked in the audience by using different camera angles and shots.

Most of the time, the camera uses low angle when Lord Capulet is in the scene, as the powerful upper hand.


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