Rubric For Creative Writing Assignment

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The girl's work was a skillful replication of things she'd seen before.

All the words were simple, the school spirit theme was a common one, and the point of her drawing was to duplicate the school mascot. Although the poem was only five lines long, it gave readers a real sense of who he was—or, at least, how he saw himself. Surely you wouldn't downgrade the girl's perfectly good poem, beautifully and dutifully written and presented.

Although that may be true in general, only assignments that allow student choice in matters related to what the student is supposed to learn develop student creativity in the area under study.

For example, if you ask students to compare characters in two novels and allow them to choose the characters or novels, they have the opportunity to develop creativity in their approach to literary criticism.

Assignments that require students to put two things together are also likely to promote creativity.

For example, in English language arts, asking students to write or speak about how The Adventures of Tom Sawyer would have been different had Huckleberry Finn been the main character sparks more creativity than asking students to discuss the character of Tom Sawyer.

For example, an elementary teacher might ask students to list several farm animals, imagine a funny situation that might happen to each, and then pick one animal and write a story about it.

Science teachers who have students brainstorm a list of hypotheses to test can give feedback on the originality of ideas as well as their suitability for the experiment that the students will design.

Brainstorming in any subject can be a creative activity.

Elementary teachers who ask students to begin the writing process with a graphic organizer, list, or outline can give feedback on the originality of the ideas as well as their suitability for the writing assignment.


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