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An additional part of the introductory paragraph is the in which you explain how you approach your topic, i.e. The first paragraph should, therefore, address the following questions: "What" is the paper all about? And "when" in the course of the paper are you dealing with which issues?Every subsequent paragraph or section should be a self-contained argument that develops one particular aspect of the overall topic.I western societies, LBT was considered a sin, de to the biblical influence.

Oherness arises out of a “discursive process, ”where the “dominant” in-group “us” creates one or several “dominated” out-groups “them, ”based on any difference that is projected a negative light (Staszak, 2008, p The main purpose of this study is to explain the influence of media on issues related to LGBT by highlighting the positive attitude and concept of the show The Fosters with respect to LGBT, epecially in terms of the lesbian community.

College professors often require students to write papers using scholarly sources.

A mentioned by several critics, i was a great risk for the media to portray homosexual orientation in a positive way.

Dspite the initial rejection from public, te media kept portraying LGBT in a positive light, tus entailing in the acceptance of individuals within the society.

The articles make use of results of recent research to add to multi-disciplinary discussions.

These articles undergo a meticulous peer-review process to investigate whether the theories and results presented meet publishing and professional standards.Peer-reviewed sources lend authority to college-level research papers by providing credible information to back up a student writer's arguments.Peer-reviewed sources include essays and journal articles submitted to the publication by outside academics and professionals within the journal's discipline.A example that may be cited is same-sex marriage was accepted in some parts of Egypt and in Roman societies during the age of Roman Emperors (Random, 2011, p Hence, i can be seen that different cultures had different attitudes towards gender identity, hwever, mst of the cultures opposed LGBT.Some books may be deemed scholarly sources, despite the lack of peer review, because they are published by university or academic publishing houses.Articles in scholarly journals, as opposed to those in popular magazines, include footnotes, endnotes and parenthetical citations.The society found it difficult to accept a change from the normal attraction between a boy and a girl to the attraction between a girl and a girl or a boy and a boy.Terefore, pople with homosexual orientation were cast out by the general public and labeled as a disgrace to the society.The best way to check if your introduction and conclusion are efficient is to read only the first and last paragraphs of your paper.If these two passages mention all central questions as well as provide a summary of the major results, then introduction and conclusion fulfill their functions; i.e., these two sections of your paper should put into a nutshell the information about content, methodology and results.


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