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That all-nighter, back in 2011, laid the foundation for Unpaywall.This free service locates open-access articles and presents paywalled papers that have been legally archived and are freely available on other websites to users who might otherwise have hit a paywalled version.There, Heather Piwowar, Jason Priem and Cristhian Parra worked all night on software to help academics to illustrate how much of their work was freely available on the Internet.

When claiming your Scopus Author Profile, you also have the option to add the publications to your Mendeley profile.

To do this, tick the box that appears during the last step.

Scopus is a large database of peer-reviewed literature, including journals, books, and conference proceedings.

Scopus is very similar to Web of Science and offers many of the same features.

You can also view statistics for individual publications by clicking on them in the list that appears beneath the Views and Citations graph.

We are able to provide more detailed statistics for papers published in Elsevier publications, but papers published in other journals will still have some citation data available.Please use the Scopus Author Feedback Wizard to report any problems with your profile.Scopus is a large, multidisciplinary database of peer-reviewed literature: scientific journals, books, and conference proceedings.The statistics that you receive are drawn from a number of different sources: Mendeley Stats also provides you with insights into where your work has been mentioned by the media.Stats scans over 55,000 media outlets for mentions of you and your work, and presents them for you as part of your profile.You then received detailed statistics on these papers, allowing you to monitor their impact and see how other people are making use of your work. Scopus is a database of references, developed by Elsevier to catalog the world's academic output and covers the output of more than 5,000 publishers.By analyzing the collected data, Scopus is able to automatically identify the output of individual authors and collect them together into a profile.Back to top To start using Stats, you need to claim your Scopus Author Profile.When you visit for the first time, you'll be invited to follow the claim process.When viewing statistics for a single article, you will receive more detailed information about usage - including details of other publications that have cited your paper, the academic status of Mendeley users who are reading your publication and - for Elsevier-published papers - details of the search terms used by Science Direct users to retrieve your paper.Back to top The Scopus team work hard to ensure the accuracy of Scopus Author Profiles, but due to the complexities around author names and the different ways that names can be formulated, it's difficult to achieve total accuracy.


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