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In this case, the author depicts a woman as a working machine that cannot just stop doing all this stuff and start fighting against such unfair treatment at work.Sexual discrimination is an urgent topic at working places, and Margie Piercy presents one of the most sever comparisons that can be used to women., the woman has to struggle to prove her equality in the working place.

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“Had we but world enough, and time/ This coyness, lady, were no crime/We would sit down, and think which way/ To walk, and pass our long love’s day” (Meyer 636).

The male character does not provide a woman with time to think everything over, the only reasonable point he presents is that she has to have sex with him before she dies.

He thinks such behavior is offensive to his position and his power, this is why this woman is in the past, and the other one is waiting for him downstairs in order to enlarge Duke’s collection of expensive things.

is the attempt of Andrew Marvell to depict the role and the place of a woman in accordance with male standpoints and principles.

This piece of the poem proves that a man does not actually care about his loss, his wife’s death, and his grief.

The point is that he gets a chance to demonstrate one more object that he owns now and tell about its price and value.Browning tries to represent how admiration, jealousy, and self-esteem are united in one man and make him happy and disappointed, weak and strong, courageous and cowardly at the same time.In this poem, the author depicts women as the objects, which may not have names and may serve as the means to demonstrate some precious good or service.The role of a woman in this world is great indeed, and the point that only women have the reproduction function should cause respect from male side.Nowadays, women are so unfair compared to the objects of men’s passion and desire, and the authors try to underline this problems in own poems.“That’s my last Duchess painted on the wall/Looking as if she were alive.I call/That piece a wonder, now: Fra Pandolf’s hands/ Worked busily a day, and there she stands” (Meyer 721).However, this very object has many disadvantages, which do not suit the Duke: “she liked whate’er/ She looked on, and her looks went everywhere” (Meyer 722).Such absent-mindedness of the woman and the desire to be friendly with many people cannot be comprehended by the Duke.He does not say anything about his possible grief about her death; the only thing that bothers him is the desire to have sex with this woman.On my opinion, the poems by Marvell and Browning have many things in common, because both of them are about men’s attitude to women.


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