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Use your subscriber code, HBN20, to save 20% off of the enrollment. We now know that the microorganisms in our gut are a crucial part of our human instruction manual and that they control thousands of biological functions in our bodies.It is past time that we learned how to care for them because important varieties are disappearing and leaving illness behind.

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Dean says most magnesium supplements , especially magnesium oxide, are poorly absorbed.

Up to 96 percent stays in the digestive system, where it acts as a laxative, rather than getting to the cells where it is desperately needed.

Bill Sardi will join us to explain the perpetually confusing “take lots” versus “don’t bother” news about calcium, plus offer real answers to osteoporosis. (Only those persons who take supplements come close to adequacy.) He also discusses why it is even worse than it appears because the guidelines aim too low. Rogers covered so much lifesaving information on the show Saturday, I decided I need to listen to the show again and provide a recap. Check out her books and her extremely well-researched newsletter at Or to order newsletters or books by phone: 800-846-6687 To schedule phone consultations with Dr. Her “think” acronym: T = Toxins, H = Hormones, I = Intestines, N = Nutrient. constipation, gas or heartburn) does not guarantee everything is in proper balance.

Sardi’s recent articles: In it, he discusses a new study which documents how poorly nourished Americans are. For our new readers, she is the author of something like 16 groundbreaking books on topics ranging from heart disease and diabetes to pain and depression.

[And, more sulfur–see other blog posts on sulfur deficiency.] DRUGS DEPLETE MAGNESIUM, says Dean–based on Seelig’s laboratory work with drugs and her own work since working with Seelig.

(Seelig tried to tell her drug company bosses that their drugs were depleting magnesium in bodies, but they “weren’t interested.”) Dean details the following situation: you are stressed when you see your doctor, so your BP might be high at that moment.Dean recommends picometer-sized forms of magnesium as that form can be totally absorbed at the cellular level.Epsom salt soaking (magnesium sulfate) is another excellent way to get more magnesium into your system.In addition, she worked with magnesium expert Mildred Seelig, MD.Disclaimer: Since posting this review, with the help of Ph D nutritionist Judith Valentine, I did more research on Carolyn Dean.Magnesium is the mineral that “activates” nerves and muscles, “including,” writes Miners, “the muscle cells in the heart.” Further, “magnesium is important for maintaining optimal heart rhythm, blood pressure, muscle and nerve function, blood sugar regulation, and brain health.” Signs of magnesium deficiency are “constipation and other digestive problems, irregularities in menstrual flow and reproductive health, muscle spasms, nocturnal leg cramps, and migraine headaches.” And “loss of appetite, fatigue, numbness or tingling, and nausea.” One idea I walked away with was the notion that blood tests don’t show magnesium deficiency because the body robs magnesium from other sites in the body to keep the blood level at about 1% magnesium.Another idea was that one has to eat significant amounts of foods containing magnesium to get enough–and even then, the amount of magnesium in the foods can depend upon the soils in which the food grew. acronym, but also a lot that she covered about each item and about the thyroid. The brilliant Sherry Rogers, MD shared ideas to become and/or stay healthy in 2018.deficiencies, K = Knowledge gaps Health, energy, mood, brain power, etc. My course covers how to fix those common complaints, but also the hidden problems. (Just noticed the pun.) The videos are professionally done and are available as DVD’s as well as online.(See Dean is really riding the coat tails of Mildred Seelig’s very valid and published work on magnesium. It turns out that Dean lost her Canadian MD license.Yes, she is operating out of the medical norm and is critical of today’s doctors and that’s always a problem for the medical police, but having said that, there is just too much “off” about Dean herself.


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