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Many physicists believe that this dramatic ballooning wasn't limited to our neck of the cosmic woods but rather happened repeatedly, spawning multiple universes — perhaps an infinite number of them."A consequence of inflation is that there should be a multitude of universes, but we have never been able to measure this," Carlos Frenk, a professor of cosmology at Durham University in England who's not involved in the new study, told The Sunday Times."The intriguing idea in Hawking’s paper is that [the multiverse] left its imprint on the background radiation permeating our universe and we could measure it with a detector on a spaceship," Frenk added."These ideas offer the breathtaking prospect of finding evidence for the existence of other universes.Modi and his gang is obvious to all Indians.’’In contrast, the B.

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Some analysts have cautioned that exit polls may overstate Mr.

Modi’s support because some people would be scared to say they voted against him.

NEW DELHI — Prime Minister Narendra Modi, one of the most powerful and divisive leaders India has produced in decades, appeared headed for re-election, according to exit polls released Sunday at the end of mammoth parliamentary elections. Modi seems to have emerged from the largest democratic vote in human history relatively unscathed by growing complaints across India about joblessness and distress on farms. Modi’s brand of brawny Hindu nationalist politics, coupled with his efforts to project a strong image of India abroad, played well among the 900 million registered voters. Modi is positioned to govern with a strong hand for five more years.

To the very end, he campaigned as a passionate Hindu. Modi spent Saturday night and Sunday morning, the last day of the election, praying at a Hindu shrine and meditating in a remote Himalayan cave. P., and its allies would win at least 280 of the 545 seats in the lower house of Parliament, empowering them to choose the next prime minister.

But it still seemed destined to remain a distant second.

Rahul Gandhi, Congress’s leader and the scion of an Indian political dynasty, had tried to pick up votes by appealing to communal harmony and minority rights. Modi’s aggressive and well-financed campaign machine, which enjoys the fervent support of many grass-roots groups within India’s Hindu majority.“One thing we know for sure is that Modi remains incredibly popular despite everything that’s happened in the last five years,” said Milan Vaishnav, a South Asia expert at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

The first votes were cast in mid-April and the last ones were on Sunday. Earlier this year, grumbles about his missteps on the economy had been growing, and farmers had protested against his government, saying its policies were making them poorer. Or that Pakistan downed an Indian fighter jet the next day.

All results will be released together, on Thursday. Indian flags popped up across the country overnight, raised by a burst of jingoism, and Mr. As news of the exit polls spread, the people most distressed were India’s minorities. Modi’s government, mob violence against Muslims, who make up about 14 percent, and lower caste Hindus has increased, and the bloodshed often goes unpunished. Modi’s brand of politics, rooted in Hindu supremacist groups that believe Hindus are the rightful rulers of India, has polarized this heterogeneous country, raising fear and tensions. Modi’s party won in most of the areas it won in the last election.

The major exit polls in 2014 correctly predicted a win for the B. The current exit polls were conducted by Indian research and survey organizations, many with decades of experience, which partnered with news media outlets.

According to the polling organizations, the sample size for each exit poll varied from 40,000 voters to two million.


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