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However, the main feature of the quitting app will be the craving button.

However, the main feature of the quitting app will be the craving button.

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Read more Topic Traditional tobacco products — cigars, little cigars and cigarillos, chewing tobacco, snuff, hookah and, of course, cigarettes, including menthol and organic varieties — continue to harm millions of people, as smoking remains the country’s leading cause of preventable death and disease.

Read More Topic Tobacco use disproportionately affects many populations — including people in low-income communities, racial and ethnic minorities, LGBTQ individuals, women, youth, members of the military and those with mental illness — who have a long and documented history of being targeted by the tobacco industry. Many communities have not experienced a significant reduction in tobacco use, and smoking rates vary widely by geographic region.

The more this data can be localised, the better, as bringing it home to smokers will make it much more effective.

Moreover, something else we can do to increase the likelihood of meeting our goal is to make the desired behaviour timely by highlighting the immediate costs of smoking as well as the immediate benefits of quitting.

Moreover, following the Christmas holidays, more than one in four Britons are set to struggle financially due to overspending during December (The Money Advice Service, 2016), increasing the impact of the loss aversion message outlined earlier.

On top of that, something that can disproportionately discourage a behaviour is adding friction (Behavioural Insights Team, 2014).“your habit is making you lose £100 each month”), rather than frame it as a gain (i.e. Once we’ve drawn smokers’ attention with the tactics outlined above, we’ll encourage them to make a public online pledge to a friend or relative to go smoke-free for a month.This social commitment device will increase the likelihood of smokers keeping their promise, and will act as a foot in the door technique by getting them to complete a small easy task first (making a simple pledge), before moving on to the bigger task (quitting for a month).Once the participants complete an entire month without smoking, the worst of the withdrawal symptoms will have passed (Smokefree, 2019), making it easier to convince them to quit for good.Moreover, the sense of achievement acquired during their journey will make them more likely to want to keep going, so as not to waste all the progress they’ve already made.To achieve this, we will first focus on making the desired behaviour social by drawing on the social proof bias, which outlines that as humans, “we are strongly influenced by what others do, especially the closest we can relate to those people” (Shotton, 2019).The practical application of this will be to frame current smoking facts and statistics in a way that positions smoking as unpopular, such as the fact that 81% adults in the UK don’t smoke (Cancer Research UK, 2019), or that the adult smoking rate in England is fast declining and is now at a record low (Public Health England, 2018).Moreover, once they successfully achieve a whole month smoke-free, it will be much easier to encourage them to quit for good.It is important we also consider how to time this campaign to make it more effective.Topic As the tobacco product marketplace evolves, new products are emerging that deliver nicotine in different ways.These products include e-cigarettes like JUUL and heat-not-burn products like IQOS, and they typically come in many youth-appealing flavors.


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