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The template is a word document that asks 80 questions covering all vital aspects in a social enterprise.Answer the questions and you will have a deep understanding of your new social enterprise.

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Mission is primary and fundamental; organizational form is a strategic question of what will best advance the social mission.” An excellent example of a social enterprise is The Empowerment Plan—an organization that hires people currently living in homeless shelters to create a combination winter coat, sleeping bag, and over-the-shoulder bag, which is then distributed to the homeless of Detroit free of charge. Ultimately, you can use either structure, or decide to form separate entities that serve the same cause in different ways, working together. it is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit, but because of its dedication to sustainability, it is now working with local communities to form separate stove manufacturing factories in their countries.

This incorporates a socially beneficial mission with a manufacturing arm that produces a useful product for its targeted demographic, while also directly providing employment to members of that demographic. One social enterprise that embodies this model is In Stove, an organization that sustainably makes the world’s most efficient stove, for use primarily in developing nations where fossil fuels and electricity are scarce, and walking long distances to gather wood can be dangerous. In Stove contributes both the technology for efficient stoves, and the means to create sustainable jobs.

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Of course, there are also ways to form both a for-profit and a nonprofit arm of the same venture.

In terms of legal structure, social enterprises have many options.

Once you’ve written your first business plan ask for feedback, then listen to the feedback you’ve receive.

Be open to constructive comments and willing to add detail where it is needed.

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