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Was the data recorded, transcribed, acoustically analyzed...?

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Similarly the sociologists asked for guidance on defining the limits between language and dialect or between one language and another, only to find that the linguists regarded this question as a troublesome problem for which they had no ready solution.

One of the greatest obstacles to effective communication between the two groups was the simple fact that the term “data” meant very different things to sociologists and linguists.

Every interdisciplinary encounter by its nature involves tensions related to the differing values and expectations of the groups represented. In addition to the participants named there, the regular participants in the seminar included Ranier Lang and Leonard Lieberman, Ph D candidates in anthropology at the University of California, Los Angeles, and Michigan State University, respectively. Voegelin, Indiana University, was a regular visitor to the seminar. The participants in the seminar agreed, however, by the end of the summer that in their own thinking at least the fields of sociology and linguistics had profited from the encounter and new areas of mutual concern had been uncovered.

The research seminar on sociolinguistics held in the summer of 1964 at Indiana University, December 1963, p. John Useem, Michigan State University, participated during half of the session. At the beginning of the summer the linguists in the seminar had some definite psychological advantages: They were surrounded by several hundred fellow linguists teaching or studying at the summer Linguistic Institute to which the seminar was attached.

They asked, for example, for some kind of measure, no matter how crude, of the degree of structural difference between any two languages, since they would find this useful for many kinds of analysis.

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They were quite baffled to discover that linguists had no such measure and that linguists on the whole had not been interested in devising one. Explain how you will select the proper code/variant each informant for each factor. If not, do the informants or the investigator make the necessary decisions? Define each of the social factors that are relevant to your project. For example, sociologists questioned linguistics’ lack of definition for language or dialect while linguists raised concerns about sociology’s reliance on large quantified data.However, by the end of the seminar, the scholars agreed the encounter had raised important questions and opened new paths of investigation through both sociological and linguistic approaches, including the study of language and social stratification, multilingualism, and language standardization.A register is a mark of a specific kind of conversation or style, relating directly to that social situation.Registers imply formality and are tailored to suit the relationship and role of the speakers.It is not too strong to say that some of the sociologists were shocked by the linguists’ methods of data collection.They found it hard to believe that most linguists seem to rely on casually chosen informants and poorly controlled introspection for extensive generalizations about the language behavior of large, diversified populations.The sociologists were in a different state: They recognized the need for a deeper understanding of language behavior, but they were doubtful about the social science sophistication of the linguists.On the other hand, the sociologists were perhaps too easily impressed by the linguists’ apparent familiarity with the facts of dozens of languages.


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