Sociology Research Paper On Homelessness

Sociology Research Paper On Homelessness-90
Homelessness has increasingly become a problem in the United States over the past few decades as is evident in Pennsylvania's increasing homeless communities, and it is only continuing to get worse.The epidemic has skyrocketed over the last few years, as (Champion, 2010).

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There is much debate regarding the claim that homelessness is the result of lack of resources, laziness, or even lack of motivation.

It is evident that capitalism is one of the main reasons for homelessness in contemporary United States, and the cause for capitalism can be linked to the conflict theory.

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It is also clear that homelessness is caused by many risk factors, including individual risks, low-income and poverty, and structural risks.

The more a person is exposed to these risks, the greater their risk of becoming homeless.This sample sociology paper explores the idea of Conflict Theory and its application to understanding the homeless problem in the United States.Homelessness has been a substantial problem in the United States for decades.This also means that the chance for a person to remain homeless becomes greater as well.An explanation of the epidemic of homelessness involves capitalism.According to Mc Naughton, many people become homeless because they already had low levels of capital resources which were reduced even further by edgework, and (2008, p.108).This also increases one’s risk of not only becoming homeless but remaining homeless.After all, being homeless involves a loss of some sort: (Neale, 2007, p.46). Under Karl Marx’s conflict theory, society has two classes of people: the owners and the workers. The theory suggests that owners basically exploit the workers, depriving them of the basic human necessities such as food and shelter. Karl Marx, the famous philosopher who defined the words capitalism, socialism, and communism, said, in a capitalist society, there are those who have capital and those who do not.Furthermore, this type of society identifies the ownership of capital as a deciding factor in a person’s worth both financially and personally.


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