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feels like a multiplication of 4 terms, 3 of which have x in them and could be combined together.This combining step turns out to be important in teaching, and is why we need to change the tree to not be binary anymore.We can then look at the children of ( ), see that two of them are x and two of them are numbers, and collect those like terms to get . Notice that even though we change the tree, we still preserve the user’s input and therefore our ability to teach what the student is asking.

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Through converting the binary tree into one that represents math in a more humanly intuitive way, it becomes much easier to perform step-by-step simplifications.

For example, consider the expression The transformed tree is a lot closer to the way we all intuitively view addition.

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Our app lets you take a picture of a homework question, and we teach you how to answer it — magic!Students can take a picture of a math question, and we teach you how to answer it.Our primary goal for this project is to build a math solver library that is focused on pedagogy (how best to teach).After using to create a tree from a string of math, we transform the tree by flattening operations.This flattening step removes grouping choices made by the parser.The math problems we’re currently focusing on are pre-algebra and algebra problems involving simplifying expressions, for example getting from .Our solution is a node module that, given a string of math, produces a list of steps to the solution.But the goal of a CAS, only getting the answer, is a different from our goal, a step-by-step solution.And the step-by-step solution requires a different architecture.Millions of students use our app and website to learn, and math (especially algebra) is consistently the top subject, for good reason: everyone has to take math, they take it for years, concepts build on each other, and many find it hard to understand.To provide an excellent math learning experience, we wanted to guide students through their math problems, step-by-step.


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