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Translating words to equations How to recognize some common types of algebra word problems and how to solve them step by step: Age Problems usually compare the ages of people.

They may involve a single person, comparing his/her age in the past, present or future.

They may also compare the ages involving more than one person.

Average Problems involve the computations for arithmetic mean or weighted average of different quantities.

The number sequences may be Even or Odd, or some other simple number sequences.

Digit Problems involve the relationship and manipulation of digits in numbers.

Second, many shortcuts are applicable only to specific situations, so before using a shortcut, make sure that it is relevant to the problem at hand.

(4) Memorize arithmetic computations that deserve memorization.

One of the most common complaints of students during Mathematics examinations is that they often run out of time; in that case, advice on how to solve math problems more quickly will help them finish timed exams.

Math is a complicated discipline, and while some problems are routine and straightforward, some problems require zigzag mazes and long expositions of solutions before an answer can be found.


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