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You can’t do full-text search across ALL documents (yet?), but you can search your full set of documents by title words; for example, here is the document search result I got for “Foisy”: With the (very expensive! ) Stylus you can mark up documents, make comments and highlights, and even mark asterisks and stars within documents that you can search for later.

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Sony gave me this device for beta testing, feedback, and an honest product review on this blog (whether good or bad! Without being given this device I would not have been able to justify a personal expense for such a limited-use device, and I think very few people would; it’s fairly costly at $599.

However, I think that’s at least a hundred dollars less than what it cost six months ago, and as with all technology, I’m sure that the price will continue to come down.

Here’s part of Fulton’s Intersection Theory, which I can now carry with me everywhere just in case: The Paper does only very specific things, but they are most of the things that you would want a technical e-reader to do.

You can swipe left and right to change pages, pinch to display thumbnails of a document, tap to jump to hyperlinked references, and even do full-text searches within a document.

If you want to make whole pages of notes starting from blank templates, then you can do that too, and even display those notes side-by-side with a research paper in a two-page view.

The stylus works well and you can train it to your style of writing angle.

I’ve smushed it into my luggage and thrown it into my bag without it being in a case, and it’s still in one piece and working great.

I did lose the stylus on a flight a month ago, and it cost me a lot of money to replace it, so if you do buy this then look after the stylus or you will be sad.


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