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Ford for making this possible we have Middle School football visors Christopher Webb temperature break here little bit this is actually my first year doing on the stock market game we got a text to Teresa shop name is swag and Morgan brown with some of the concepts with this being the first year they done I should have bet she would have approached it not having a financial background but I like the other clients we can talk about to like trying to teach him patience for a little bit but they would come in they're stalking me down $0.02 and they actually keep track of their socks and for the first session after a little while they start to realize they were competing against other folks because I accidentally session see how they're performing against other middle schools around the area is a great chance also have some conversations around 6 on things like couple cans of Dustin Facebook why is Facebook doing so bad right now we have a chance to talk about things are going the elections as well my name is Teresa and during the fall session we had a group of three which included Naima Morgana myself I enjoyed working in this group because we basically have the same ideas of like what stocks we wanted to invest in and it made things work really smooth I think we work very well in the group because this wasn't our first time working together as a group and we knew who capable of what it was easy to assign the job so we were able to record the information we need it for our stocks and we had to make a decision we figured out it easy because we all had the same opinions on things all three of us wanted to separate what we got so one thing would be food clothes and then choose it was somewhat easy to figure out the stocks I think the only hard thing was the type of clothing company we wanted to investing that's when we want to do something that had more than one we had to research it and Overton's and we found L Brands and we all agreed on it and other than that we worked good as a group my name is Morgan to be honest with you nothing about the stock market game to start off the weather for Modesto we had $100,000 a Sprite with three companies quickly thought of popular companies that was me love it all back and Mass to do overtime it got easier and easier the weight the way we decided I think was June 8th we chose what we thought would do well we drove into the stock market game with no knowledge so we kind of chose what we were familiar with what companies were L Brands Mc Donald's in Nike when was the food company another is a clothing company and one is a sporting goods sport sporting company and we Thrive and we survived our stocks were a total 122600 and $15 on the last day that means in 10 weeks in 10 weeks we made $22,615 I have no idea what I would do with that kind of money I would probably just give it to my parents so I won't spend it plus they deserve it so much for helping me thank you all again I'll be back spring 2018 Jordan small Middle School 100 2257 I'll let Diana Austin tell you how she made 120000 I may be a hundred twenty thousand because like towards the end of the year I decided to get a new account and I'm in class I bought for stocks and then the next day I came back and I was in 3rd so then I did leave my account alone and then after a week one of my stocks went up which was pcmi and it went up to 3000 so now I jumped a second place and then I am ended up going to 1st and well I want to thank the staff my foundation for giving me this opportunity to play great job Diana spring 2018 the spring session is instead of having the kids I have a small group of students in my class is only about the first session ended up with a group this one they were staying they had to sink or swim on their own make their own choices was less team-building and more problem solving and figuring out which stock they want to keep which ones they couldn't actually a lot more and some other options they had good afternoon everyone in this report for giving me this opportunity and honestly I really pay much attention to my stocks investing I had interesting and I just watch them if they group aren't they sunk Middle School hey members who are Diana Ross barbarous and cellophane strip feenstra and I'm dying Austin I like to thank Pacific foundation for giving us this opportunity to play the stock market game board and mr.

Fitch because he introduced us to the stock market Game Stop most money won in the wise Whiting petroleum we basically just stop with that stock for the whole year and we never sold it just kept going up and it did United at work the Jordan Not For a Moment Jordan small Middle School 147 which is making money team members wear Damon Venoy and Dylan Hayes Czar like the bank SF Foundation mr.

Build a fundamental understanding of investing while providing students with real-world skills and practice in math, English language arts, economics, social studies, and other subjects.

Plan your students' SMG experience using the Teacher Support Center, a searchable library of curriculum resources, lesson plans, assessments, and standards correlations.

So we're looking at to outperform you needed to have in your equity $110,200 and I know some teams really crashed this wait till you see the results on the board here shortly so raise your head while performing the entire stock more one of these tables why do winners here lot of ideas alright so what's going to be the stock market Game Awards on now celebrate and announce the winning team teacher and students please come forward with the teacher introduced the students so may not have been able to make it alright teacher has a few moments to share their experience with their class in the game and then it's one of the highlights of the award ceremony so and then after that we will give you your wonderful price if you don't snap a picture of you right away the great after we're done we can grab a picture of you up here with your slide so.

Future stove is led by play the stock market for me several years ago at Oak Hill High School thank you for having us as Miss report said earlier I'm just talking about world events with the classes is lot of fun especially when you have 4th graders in your classroom and these kids really have a great time playing the game 20 introduce them to you first and we got Carly Kaitlyn Abby and Brody and Caitlin would love for me to tell you that her name is spelled with one and not too and I think that was my mistake they got baby it's really fun fourth graders to learn a little bit about the market and have those conversations with screen at the elementary level is the enthusiasm that they have probably similar to the other grade levels as well so I'm weird turn the plane and thank you for having us here tonight she got the best laugh ever yes sir hi I am Carly a to my team is Kaitlyn from Abby mayo and Barney Stinson thank you mr. Ford and the system organization the stocks that we invested and where Buffalo Wild Wings dickssportinggoods host hotel Hyatt Hotel Game Stop and Microsoft earnings dogs are Buffalo Wild Wing in 's Sporting Goods I picked stocks 's Sporting Goods and Buffalo Wild Wings Caitlin and Abby pitch the hotels Hyatt and host Brody picked Game Stop in Microsoft I think Buffalo Wild Wings because when I go it takes long to get my food it is so busy and I also picked because my mom works at the YMCA and I am on the swim team so we shop there for her and my dad's workouts Caitlin and Abby pick the hotels because people travel for vacation and people might have to stay at a hotel Brody pick Microsoft because he likes the games they own Mike Minecraft he also pick games.

V said we also want to thank the system of foundation and mr. Ford I know camel Miranda Hall I really Gilbert and I'm named okay we started this stock market this year and we didn't know anything about the stock market as we started learning more about the stocks we invested investigated on the stocks just aren't that made us go up to first place was for a while as long thing I found Sedona trading tickers and a stock made us ,000 thank you for letting us thank you funniest play the stock market game and great job to all the winners thank you great teamwork you say teamwork graduation oh my God now here we go into the fall and Middle School 9,079 each Jacob's market Monday have Jacob lanouette Hunter Simpson and Damon Venoy thank you Stephanie Foundation of mr.

Ford for letting us do this without having to pay for every team some of my main stocks with a Roku Netflix and cgnx place the Roku made us ,000 to get us up to second alrighty good job guys do that whole bunch of banners this year I had a lot of winners is George going once again 109,000 463 Mister V well when we were in Washington last year we were meeting with the Angus King and he talked with all of our kids then he looked over to me so how long you been teaching alarm time and I can prove it my grandson finished first in the spring game then finish the rest until the final day of the game he went from third to first so I was really proud of you so frightened by thanks thank you thank you Miss record in the system offend Asian my the start that I like the most and got me the most money was fnsr take a picture I think you're a chip off the old block just get it orange graduation graduations Brandon okay the second spring 2018 winner not able to make the track down long today and its activities in school elementary school in John Allen this number 153 just real quickly that the girls at Finish second made it ,000 one day came back in the next day and sold their stock and no one will touch you you you you got enough money that you'll finish first and these boys caught him and went by them by about 10,000 so pretty impressive we like to think mr. Ford and the reason we made that much money was because of Eric he told me about the stock nktr a thousand shares and after a few weeks it went to its highest point at about 8 then it went crashing down back to its original price and a half a few weeks we sold it so we lost some money but we made a ton okay moving right along second place winner look at this for second place was talking about so I don't Gotye Somebody room just real quickly I'm not sure if they're going to tell you that this talk that they bought but one of the girls found find Seeking Alpha and in the three places we do most of our research Google finance Yahoo finance the big one though is seeking out for gives you a lot of good information and they're just did a great job stock they bought was called long fin they made today I can't remember how many shares they had they had a thousand she hasn't went up that day and then they just sold it the next day when they came in but an awesome job and I introduce the last group so let me introduce this group we have by Brantley Gilbert Alexis Redmond Miranda home Noah Campbell and Nemo cooling Pond path d I pronounced it good afternoon. Fitch for making this possible the way we won was with Roku vxr and United Steel I also want to thank my team and mr.

Florida Mister Fish for giving us this amazing opportunity to play in the stock market in petroleum well done Jordan small get to the high school using the S&P 500 comparison to our Equity report in order to gauge the rankings there's a few more other video Seeker season 2 that we can talk about what kind of other coordinators we just got a little bit better and in a sense airplane with the S&P 500 and I do have this explanation of how it's figured so please reach out to me if you'd like this get the slides what did I I really be back in your emails each and every day questions comments about the experience is going and where we'd like to go with the future first of all can we be using the S&P 500 rankings or not or I ask that's a big question right now so as if we stand and spring will not use it in the future but the year along with the idea for next year we're going to use it in the ear long game margin the Next Generation how to borrow money to invest oh okay beer sold at 11 in the State of Florida can only do twenty percent are there buying power which means 30,000 which is the most they can but one company but may in New Hampshire were still at 33 you can take so I'd like to become consisted Capital challenge 15010 and we do have the diversification challenge winner Saturday will be selling so what did you think about the maximum Equity rule this year not too many good I probably a good thing so maybe a little bit of the correction they are in the spring put on the list cabinet makers side of the pool more about diversification which is the key to your phone okay your fire raise and teachers are 403b thought for the future I'm here the diversification challenge which I hope more schools will participate in next year in this SMG competition they require that you invest in stock mutual funds and bonds so this is a great practice for schools that are ready to play the Capitol Hill challenge knowing you must diversify portfolio how to fix please come on down first place diversification challenge 28000 play members where Eric Dupont Wesley terrill Anthony troiano and do hair and will my message Lucas wood well thank you to this is my Foundation mr. Ford and I would like to start off with a few that helped us get onto 8,000 is Roku and Dillard's each of her and us for ,000 so that kind of pretty high but I would like to head over to the person who almost practically want us to game Erica card thanks Andrew and nktr was one of the best stocks I've ever seen and it helped us win I don't know how many games to 3383 so we we would also win second place but sadly it was the same exact people we won second place to so then we had to decide we had to hit it off the third place but that was us too so then we hit it off the 4th Place all right regulations guys vacations Cindy Jordan small Middle School 1077 again that the reason they did so well they took maximum risk all the time we talked the rest of the keishin bits we had teams that did that actually Diversified the portfolios the teams that really made their money it was all finding that favorite stock and loading up as much as I could in it so the two boys Jacob line do it and Dylan coffin first of all I'd like to thank mr.

Whether you teach in a classroom, mentor students in an afterschool program, or are a homeschool parent, The Stock Market Game is the right tool for you to help your students build a fundamental understanding of investing while providing them with real world skills practice in math, English Language Arts, economics, social studies, and other subjects.


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