The London Assignment

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If anything that's not a reason to turn to the side of evil that should be the reason why you want tot stay good heck they don't even explain why he's evil.

For the entire running time I was wondering why this film is just so bland and then the end credits rolled up and I saw the very reason why it's bland it was produced by the prince of bad movies Stephen Sommers.

I think it's a good thing that film is not part of the live action DVD.

The company could've gone with a sequel that would explore more of the lore with an original story. They made a prequel instead, which a lot of people who seen the film already knew where it's heading.

Just going back to what I was on about before the original film came out on May 7th 2004 this film was released on May 11th and for some reason it was left of the Van Helsing DVD.

I will say that I did find the villains motivations a little of because he's being evil for the sake of trying to win a girl and that's it.

Set in London in 1889, the animation features the voices of Hugh Jackman (who also stars as Van Helsing in the live action film) and Robbie Coltrane as Mr Hyde.

VAN HELSING - THE LONDON ASSIGNMENT presents an animated prequel to the feature film VAN HELSING, starring Hugh Jackman.

Animation fans it's very rare for me to review a film that isn't feature length but here we are i've found something that is worth reviewing and yeah it's pretty freaking bad so here is my review of Van Helsing: The London Assignment don't worry if you havn't heard of it nobody has but chances are you've heared of it's live action counterpart tho.

The plot to this movie finds Van helsing and his mate Friar Carl sent to London to investigate a series of murders and find that they are connected to the mysterious Dr. I'll admit that the plot is kind of interesting since it does have an interesting twist but then again it's set in the world of the 2004 Van Helsing movie and yes this movie is a prequel so you know right away who's going to come out on top.


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