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You may have 12 months for your DCH (realistically even less, about 10 months prior to exams).The project should ideally be able to be completed in 4–6 months.A minor thesis is a written, systematic description of your project.

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’ or ‘what are the greatest concerns of the parents of children with epilepsy?

’ or ‘what are the perceptions and experiences of families of children with cancer? Such qualitative research may help explain, for example, why adolescents have low (or high) adherence rates with secondary prophylaxis with benzathine penicillin for rheumatic heart disease.

While many students find it easy to identify a theme or topic, it is often more difficult to define a research question or questions.

A research question should be objective and answerable using a research methodology.

This also includes a discussion of lessons learned, alternatives identified in hindsight, and possible future steps.

If a project is conducted in industry, only part of the work conducted within the company can be viewed as research and development.The thesis focuses on these parts of the work that demonstrates the formulation of the main problem, addressing it, developing solutions for it and assessing these solutions.Submission Timing September Completion:March in the same year March Completion:September in the previous year Who to submit Your supervisor *The contents, deadline, and other details regarding submission should be confirmed with supervisor in advance to the designated deadline. The reasons to do a research project during your postgraduate training include to: Figure 1 shows many of the stages in conducting a research project.The order is not necessarily fixed, some steps, such as a literature search can be done early when considering a research question, or done later in the writing phase (often it is done in both phases).But a masters project and thesis should not dominate your time, as the main task of postgraduate training is to develop the all-round skills to be a good paediatrician.This includes an understanding of child health epidemiology and research methods, but too much of a focus on research can detract from clinical responsibilities and clinical learning.The paper is designed to provide a practical approach for junior researchers, and their supervisors.Colleges differ in their formal requirements of a minor thesis (word count, line spacing, referencing style), but this paper outlines the principles and practical issues rarely covered elsewhere.It could be an audit of a condition or practice which is of interest to you.A research project often starts with an idea that interests you, or a problem you have noticed.


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