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Such problems may be cumulative and become harder to stop through time as the spread of new genetic problems continues through generations.

Such problems may be cumulative and become harder to stop through time as the spread of new genetic problems continues through generations.This problem of inadequate knowledge regarding a gene's complete function applies also to the use of genetic engineering in food production.

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Another large problem with all types of genetic engineering is the interdependence of genes: while on the one hand one gene may code for several features, on the other hand many genes are frequently required to code for one characteristic.

Of course if the gene is corrected without further negative effects, the genetic disorder has beensuccessfully eliminated; but if a problem arises it could pass on.

These advances in genetic engineering make the possibility of "designer babies" a reality.

Before advances in genetic applications, gene therapy was unheard of and genetic defects were always inherited, plaguing generations.

Today genetic testing is widely available, such as prenatal karyotyping of chromosomes to check for genetic abnormalities.


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