Top Excuses For Not Doing Homework

Top Excuses For Not Doing Homework-18
Accuse the technology – Blaming the technology for not doing homework is the simplest and the most convincing excuse to justify your situation.In this global world, most of the students are assigned to do their homework online or in print format.Never try to give stupid excuses like the dog ate my homework or little sibling torn notebook etc.

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However, this trick might not work for you every time.

You are required to express your distraction carefully.

Stuck in extra-curricular activities – It is among the best excuses for not doing homework.

An understanding teacher can apprehend your situation and allow you an extension.

This formula can work for you only if you attempted a small portion of your homework.

At least you can show that you tried to do your assigned homework but the difficulty of topic stopped you in mid.But to give this excuse you must prepare a little bit in advance.A student should show that he or she try to attempt the homework but had difficulty in clear understanding.This excuse can also turn the scene if your teacher asks you to go home and bring it along. Just say that you were not present that day – A class has a large number of students and teacher hardly remembers who was present or absent on a particular day.One can simply say that he or she was absent that particular day when the homework was assigned.This excuse can surely help you justify your scene.But always keep in mind to show the homework very next day so that your teacher can trust you next time.This is considered to be an out of the box excuse to give your teacher for missing homework.Difficulty in understanding the topic – You can say that it is among the best excuses for strict teachers.The teacher usually understands this scenario and he or she might give you an extension to submit homework.In this case, you must be prepared to do your homework and submit it positively on the assigned extension date.


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