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"I picked it up really easily." Now, every day, Richard's team creates interactive modules that combine videos, games, and other interactive activities.Thanks to Storyline's translation features, the team has easily translated the courses into the relevant languages.And with 32 different languages spoken across the business, being able to translate content effectively is critical. Richard's team has recently been tapped to create a digital training program for Rentokil's customers.

Through modules, Changefirst can now offer clients a way to deliver its proven training methodology to a larger audience at a fraction of the cost.

Changefirst Operations Manager Nathan Brewer explains, "Now we can help more organizations implement lasting change successfully, at a more affordable cost.

And learners stay entertained with video introductions with layered graphics and animation that humanize the subject matter.

One sales rep raved, "I want to tell you how much I enjoy your training." Others have praised the series for having a "nice flow" and being "entertaining." It was even complimented for having "some of the best explanation of practice area content that I've ever seen." The source of that compliment? Lexis Nexis has continued to take advantage of the benefits of online training.

And that wasn't a particularly unusual quarter for Rentokil Initial, a global company with a diverse product portfolio and operations in 62 countries.

Keeping 30,000 employees around the world up to date on everything from compliance and safety procedures to new product information requires a high volume of effective training.

And with over 100 separate areas of legal practice in existence, the Lexis Nexis sales staff desperately needed a quick and easy way to prep for sales situations.

That's why Lexis Nexis enlisted Lead Design & Technology Consultant Chris Bahns to give its sales department a law school understanding of one of the more nuanced legal disciplines: Intellectual Property (IP) law.

Because staff can take the training series on both mobile devices and desktop computers, the company saves significant costs on travel and accommodations associated with traditional training methods.

What’s more, Articulate Storyline has made it easy for a team of designers with varying experience levels to expand the series.


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