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In the words of Norman Douglas, writing in the 1920s, good travel writing “invites the reader to undertake three tours simultaneously: abroad, into the author’s brain, and into his own.” As long as wanderlust exists, an engaging travel essay will appeal to readers who expect more than mere information.

(Leave that task to the travel guides.) And while there is no foolproof formula, there are a few “rules of the road.” Your travel essay will be a success when it leaves readers with a fresh, vivid memory of a place they’ve never seen.

The first was a regional analysis of Mexico's Cristero Rebellion, the second an assessment of Pancho Villa and John Reed as representatives of the romantic tradition in revolution, the third a biography of Karl Radek, leading defendant of the 1937 Stalin Purge Trial, the fourth a study of the relationship between Senator Joe Mc Carthy and the Hearst press, the fifth an examination of the split in America's liberal community on the issue of collaboration with Communists and the sixth a focus on clergy who supported Soviet Communism between 1933, the year both Hitler and Roosevelt came to power, and 1953, the year Stalin died. Beginning in 1991, Tuck wrote a column of opinion called "lnsight Straight," which appeared in two Mexico-based English-language publications.

(For full titles and more detailed information, check Jim Tuck's Home Page.) Particularly gratifying to Tuck were favorable comments about the Mc Carthy book from Arthur M. In April 1994 "Insight Straight" was syndicated by Continental News Service in San Diego.

At the time, Tuck was active in a defense committee that unsuccessfully attempted to reverse the dismissal of the "Tucson Two." Tuck's widow, the former María Ruiz, lives in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.

Memorial Day Weekend is around the corner, and people love to celebrate with some serious eats.He wrote four original chapters of FODOR'S MEXICO, three of FODOR'S BUDGET MEXICO, and the Romania chapter of FODOR'S EASTERN EUROPE.For his work in Romania, he was awarded a "Diploma of Honour" by the Romanian government.All the time Tuck was submitting travel articles and this ushered in the second phase of his career, when travel writing dominated his output.Affiliated with the Fodor Guides in a contributing capacity, Tuck served as a Regional Editor in Mexico between 1970-82 and as Area Editor for Romania between 1978-80.Though this was the hated Ceausescu regime, Tuck points out that in those days Ceausescu was highly popular in the West because of his independent stance vis a vis the Soviet Union.(Among his friends and admirers were Richard Nixon, Pope Paul VI, King Hussein of Jordan and King Beaudoin of Belgium.) Tuck also produced travel material independently of the Fodor affiliation.The hook need not be as dramatic as a great escape from warring tribes or some life-threatening meteorological event.Travel is internal as well as external, and so the “story” is free to focus on subtle shifts of inner awareness.Hopefully not, but in the age of globalization, the world has be-come more accessible and undeniably more “connected,” at least in technological terms.Travel has shifted in style and scope while tourism—that market-driven substitute for a voyage of discovery—runs the gamut from “packaged” to pretentious.


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