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The first is a complete collection of literature from Africa, and the second is literature from the rest of the world.

Both annotated bibliographies are available for download in Rich Text Format, and will be updated from time to time.

If you have additional literature (articles, chapters, books, theses, dissertations, conference presentations, technical reports, etc.) that you would like included in future editions of these bibliographies, please submit details to [email protected]

In the world of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, one principle that is emerging as a fundamental aspect of the change our societies are undergoing, is speed.

Do multi-authored papers blur the boundaries of the attributable research and individual contributions?

Would limited lengths encourage more exact writing and better equip students for the competitive world outside academia, where many, if not most, postgraduate students end up as funding and university positions dwindle?

Is it in some sense a profound moment of coming-of-age that is essential to the future endeavours of the student?

What’s more, are some fields such as engineering and physics more suited to any one approach than, say, economics, or psychology?

On the other hand, does the traditional approach to the thesis, with its carefully structured reasoning sustained over a single longer document, promote consistency and diligence, both in research and in writing?

Does the traditional thesis, as is the aim of all postgraduate degrees, better capture the “unfolding of the mind”?


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