Video Game Addiction Research Paper

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Getting over internet addiction by yourself is not an easy task, because you will set limits for yourself that don’t really help you, but make you happy for a short time.Some of the most popular online games are World of Warcraft, Steam and Runescape.World of Warcraft has 10.2 million subscriber’s [1], while Runescape has 200 million accounts and is in the Guinness World Records for being the world’s largest free MMORPG (Massive Multi Online Role Playing Game) [2], but a lot of these accounts could very well be mods or inactive.Chaotic Monki has 292,307 subscribers and is gaining around 2,000 per day [5] and posting You Tube videos is also his full time job.Even though some people can manage playing video games into a job, means that video games aren’t all that bad they serve a purpose but we A good way to get over this addiction is to do something that is productive, for example if you are addicted to video games; it is not very hard to find out how to make them.Sally is staring at snow piling on her lawn outside of her window.She can hear the television in the background declaring what she was hoping for; that school has been cancelled for the day.There are some people who make a living of playing video games and posting their commentary of them onto You Tube.Some of my favorite You Tube gaming channels are Pewdiepie and Chaotic Monki, Pewdiepie has 2,944,353 subscribers and is the 11 most subscribed person on You Tube, and is gaining 13,000 per day [4], this is his full time job and he makes his living off of it.Their needs to be someone who helps you set difficult goal and help you keep them by having them check on your progress routinely.The internet can be used for a lot of good things such as family history, teaching, charity, business, spreading your beliefs, being connected to the whole world, sharing your ideas, research, etc.


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