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Records provided in OAI-PMH feeds are currently in unqualified DC format. The existing minimalist approach to cataloging TDs was used as a foundation for cataloging ETDs.

Electronic aspects were added to the catalog records (MARC 006, 007, 538, and 856), added entries for thesis advisors were included for the first time (in MARC 700), and author-supplied keywords were added to MARC 653.

Literature addressing the harvesting of ETD author-supplied metadata for creating MARC records for online catalogs is somewhat sparse, although efforts date back as far as 1999. Sharretts, Shieh, and French described how the University of Virginia Library’s pilot project using the Unix command-line utility Grep to extract bibliographic data from thesis PDF title pages and how it evolved into a series of Perl scripts that ran when a student submitted an ETD online.

As OAI-PMH became more common, libraries began using this protocol to harvest ETD author-supplied metadata.

The authors provide detailed explanations of the harvesting process, creating code for the metadata transformations, loading records, and quality assurance procedures.

n August 2013, the Cataloging and Metadata Services Department of the Pennsylvania State University Libraries created the Digital Access Team in response to the need to devote more resources to the management of metadata for digital assets.

Manuscript submitted May 26, 2015; returned to author September 29, 2015 for revision; revised manuscript submitted November 23, 2015; returned to author for minor revision February 4, 2016; accepted for publication March 25, 2016.

Most academic theses and dissertations are now born-digital assets (i.e., electronic theses and dissertations).

Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) were assigned until 1964, though the headings were generally broad in scope.

From 1965 until 1974, LCSH were added only when a personal name, corporate name, or title of a work were present in the TD title.


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