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Similarly, the Communist presence in the third world was also important to the Soviets throughout the cold war.

Despite facing domestic problems and a resilient Northern Vietnamese opponent, the United States and Lyndon b.

In essence, the US was trying to stop the overall spread of Communism.

One clear example was the Marshal Plan in rebuilding Europe.

While this relatively insignificant location was an obscure location for the US to attack, this sample history paper by Ultius explains how it fit perfectly into the context of the cold war.

War Research Paper Comparing And Contrasting Essay Example

As an ideological battle for supremacy, the US felt that it was integral to offer relentless support to the anti-communist forces in an effort to undermine the influence of both China and the Soviet Union.as a result of Northern aggression against the South" (Lawrence, 65).As Vietnam was struggling for unity among the southerners and northerners, the US saw it as a prime opportunity to make a stand for democracy.One such shift in the larger geopolitical environment was the cold war.The Soviet Union was aggressively pursuing their policies of aiding and spreading socialist ideals while simultaneously the US was implementing containment.Johnson persisted in fighting a war of attrition mainly due to strong international political pressure to support democracy and eliminate communism.In his book titled “The Vietnam War: A Concise International History,” Mark Lawrence proposed that the broader international context of the cold war along with the openness to influence of Vietnam allowed the war to take place in the first place.The funding was only offered to nations who embraced a democratic government.Such a clear bias blatantly outlined the polarized viewpoints held by the opposing governments.The overall openness to influence stems from Vietnam's transition from their colonial past with France to the rise of international communism and the problems inherited from it.As the Soviet Union was actively spreading their philosophy onto smaller third world nations, the US took a vigorous role in attempting to defend and support democracy simultaneously.


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