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The assignment statement also varies from programming language to programming language.Assignment of contracts is the legal transfer of the obligations and benefits of a contract from one party, called the assignor, to another, called the assignee.

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This is different from a subtenancy, where the tenant grants someone a tenancy but remains a tenant of the original landlord and becomes a landlord of the new tenant.

After an assignment has taken place, the landlord and the assignee have a direct landlord/tenant relationship and all the terms of the original tenancy agreement apply to them both.

This is the most common way of passing on a tenancy.

Assignment is the transfer of the assignor's legal interest in a property to another person, known as the assignee. When a tenant assigns, her/his legal interest in the property is passed on to the assignee who takes over that interest and becomes the tenant.

However, when transferring rights to intellectual or personal property, it's best to instead use a trademark assignment, bill of sale, or assignment of trade name.

The procedure for assigning a contract depends on the language of that contract.

A contract assignment is a legal procedure where one person or party involved in a contract hands over their contractual obligations to a third party.

For example, if a business agrees to do yard work for a homeowner, they've entered into a contract.

For example, some contracts may disallow assignment, while others may allow it only when the obligor consents.

In some cases, the assignor is not relieved of contract liability.


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