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Are you hoping to fuse your passion for culinary arts and world history by creating a club in which members gather together to cook and enjoy cuisines from all over the world and throughout time? ) You only have 250 words, so make sure to be succinct! If Brown had simply wanted to know where you have lived, they could have asked you to submit a list of towns or schools you attended. Brown wants to know what is important to you: what, where, or who you hold close to your heart. Is it the camp you’ve been going to every summer since you were seven?Is it your local LGBTQ group that supported you through the coming out process?Activity essays like this one are pretty common and really are as straightforward as they seem.

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Volunteering at a cancer treatment center has helped me discover my path.

When I see patients trapped in not only the hospital but also a moment in time by their diseases, I talk to them.

This can be a great opportunity to highlight your leadership skills and any accolades you may have received as a result of participating in a particular activity.

One of the best ways to write an awesome essay for your college application or admissions personal essay is by learning from real college essay samples that worked.

However, I was focused not with learning itself, but with good grades and high test scores.

I started to believe that academic perfection would be the only way to redeem myself in her eyes--to make up for what I had not done as a granddaughter.

While learning about cancer in school I promised myself that I would memorize every fact and absorb every detail in textbooks and online medical journals.

And as I began to consider my future, I realized that what I learned in school would allow me to silence that which had silenced my grandmother.

However, a simple walk on a hiking trail behind my house made me open my own eyes to the truth.

Over the years, everything--even honoring my grandmother--had become second to school and grades.


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